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A program built on quality, emotion-focused, evidence-based and  spiritually-based care.
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Mental Health & Substance Abuse

Our evidence-based treatment center offers all levels of care. We offer detox, residential and outpatient treatment programs focus on uncovering the true potential in each of our clients found only through individualized attention and care. With an intimate setting, we are able to serve each client offering small group sessions and one on one sessions with master level therapists as well as one on one sessions with your case manager.

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Cedar Lane


Extended Care

Addiction Treatment and Rehab For Mental Health

Our managing staff are comprised of licensed clinicians who utilize the below methods:

Licensed Rehab

Licensed by the State Department of Health Care Services

Santa Barbara:

  • Detox/Res…DHCS License Number: 4220042CP expiration 12/31/23
  • PHP/IOP… DHCS Certification Number: 420042DP expiration 12/31/23
  • Sunset License: #420046AP expiraton 06/30/24
  • Cedar Lane License: #420046BP expiration 07/31/24

Committed To Quality Care

Good Heart Recovery’s rehab treatment programs have received numerous high-quality accreditations, certifications, and memberships that exemplify our commitment to ethical, meaningful, and approved clinical practices. The requirements of such a commitment allow us to maintain the maximum level of safety, regulatory compliance, risk management, and individualized care practices that every mental health and addiction rehab should have. Our website has also been verified to only contain accurate and ethically sound information that aligns with the true practices that occur within our Santa Barbara Addiction Treatment Center.


Your Clinical Treatment Team

Is Highly Qualified and Experienced treating Both Substance Abuse & mental health

Good Heart Recovery’s compassionate and dedicated team is comprised of a multidisciplinary group of substance abuse and mental health clinicians and counselors. Our entire staff is committed to finding, treating, and reconciling the underlying issues that bring individuals into treatment.


Meet our staff

“I am a graduate client of Good Heart Recovery. This place has, literally, saved my life. I can’t seem to describe how much the counselors and therapists and fellow clients have helped me recover. The medicine and holistic services offered are beyond comparison. No other recovery center or rehab or sober living has ever worked for me the way Good Heart Recovery has healed my mental and emotional and spiritual suffering. Everyone here is kind and great and wise and intelligent.”


“Calling this place a recovery center is an understatement. Not only did they help me become intune with myself, they provided me with endless ability’s to help me grow in every aspect. Hands down the best treatment center I’ve been to. They have given me my family, friends, self-confidence, and life skills back! Never once did they pass judgment, they guided me through it all. I was provided life-changing therapists who I now refer to as my angels.”


“This review is for the parents who are scared for their kids lives. This place SAVED my son. After going to almost every treatment center in Santa Barbara, this one finally worked. He reached a year sober for the first time in his life and is who I always knew he was. Their approach is a breath of fresh air and I trust them with everything. They know what they are doing and my son is proof of it. Recovery is really here.


I could not imagine a better place to receive addiction treatment than Good Heart Recovery. The staff is second to none, and the treatment is personalized and helpful. I have not experienced the same results with any other form of counseling or treatment, and would recommend Good Heart to anyone seeking help with addiction. They are truly a place of healing, love, and compassion. They place client care above all and advocate for you or your family member.


Your Insurance Can Cover 100% Of Our Program

Good Heart exists to serve the Santa Barbara community and all who seek the type of help we provide at the lowest possible cost for the highest quality of care. We’ve worked diligently to partner with multiple insurance companies who have vetted our program and agreed to allow us to treat their members at little to no cost, paying for all services we provide.

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