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We view alcohol and drug addiction as…

We view alcohol and drug addiction as the solution to a much deeper problem: One that involves the lack of acknowledgment of one’s own Good Heart and the unfortunate learning of unhealthy patterns and self-defeating thoughts. At Good Heart Recovery, our teachings and principles provide a healthy, compassionate, life-radiating solution to the original problem. We believe we are all connected through a vast web of interdependent relationships with one another. What we teach here at Good Heart Recovery seeks to benefit not only our clients but also to support and strengthen the growth of compassion and recovery throughout our community.

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The Good Heart Recovery Difference

Good Heart Recovery is comprised of professional, clinical, and counseling staff who have dedicated their lives to helping others find joy and happiness through addiction treatment. Life can become unmanageable and finding support through some of life’s toughest times can be difficult. Here at Good Heart Recovery, we truly understand how you feel both as an individual and/or family member struggling with addiction. Addiction affects all aspects of one’s life: emotional, financial, physical, spiritual, relational, mental – ultimately affecting the entire lives of both addicts and their families. We’ve united as an addiction treatment center to address these aspects of life, to heal, from the inside out, the wounds of your or your loved one’s addiction. We are here to provide hope and success along your path to addiction recovery, whether you decide to take a more traditional 12-step approach or decide a non-12-step approach is right for you.

In the addiction industry, a sense of recovery community and compassion is lacking. Different from many, Good Heart Recovery acknowledges that communication, trust, balanced effort, and unconditional acceptance are a necessary part of the client/staff experience. We have sincere and valued principles that will not sway in the face of adversity. What we teach our clients, we live each day of our lives. The founders of Good Heart Recovery were reborn and entered addiction recovery with the utilization of exactly what we teach in our program to every client in every interaction at all times.

Addiction Treatment Is A Journey

There is no one path to addiction recovery. We are here to guide you along your own path.


Our recovery community serves to allow staff and clients to work together harmoniously to unlearn the past, learn of future possibilities, and grow the ability to manifest them.



Addiction does not affect one person in a vacuum. It typically affects those closest to the client and also those in the client’s environment. Families and loved ones are best supported through their own family healing process.



Spirituality is a critical component in all various 12-step and non-12-step recovery paths. Our goal is to allow people entering recovery to discover and investigate a spiritual path that will provide them with an experiential practice meant to provide rational insight, conscious awareness of their need to release, and faith that healing is possible.



There are some individuals where abstinence is the goal based on personal consequences of their usage; for others, reducing the harm caused by the use of addictive substances can pragmatically and effectively change their lives.



Good Heart Recovery has reserved beds at a local and affiliated co-ed sober living facility called Recovery Santa Barbara. Recovery Santa Barbara’s Sunrise House is located on the beautiful Mesa, less than one mile from the beach, and provides all-inclusive services not available at any of Santa Barbara’s other sober livings.

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Our Clients Say

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I have been struggling with opioid addiction for my entire life. With this struggle, I found myself in and out of addiction treatment centers and detoxs with no hope in sight. Every time I ended up in treatment I felt like another number going through the cookie cutter system of treatment centers with no one caring about my longevity of being sober. Finally, I found myself in the caring hands of Good Heart Recovery; with people who look at you as a human being and not just another check from the insurance companies. I have never felt so at home with the addiction specialists at Good Heart Recovery. The staff and owners truly care about the patients and give their time and understanding to each client. Good Heart Recovery has saved my life and I owe this to the amazing therapists and staff. With their guidance, I am realizing my self-worth and getting the tools and love to live an addiction-free life, not just a quick fix.”
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“Thankful for Good Heart Recovery. On my journey through addiction recovery, I needed a sacred space for me to feel safe and supported. The community, staff, and ambiance of the house are the roots to the rest of my life unfolding.”

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This is not another addiction treatment program, this is a family joining hands together on the road to enlightenment. We are all in the mists of growth towards a spiritual path.”


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