We’ve simplified the admissions process into three simple steps and are here to guide you and meet your needs every step of the way.

Santa Barbara Addiction Program

Having to enter a ‘rehab program’ likely comes after reaching a point in life where all other roads lead to more pain and seeking help is the next best thing to do. Good Heart Recovery is a place where unique and lasting help is found. From the initial assessment with our clinical staff, to the intake process with several of our staff members, and over the course of the mental health and substance abuse treatment program, our clients are handled with the type of care we would want for ourselves and our family members, and nothing less. We don’t ask you what you’ve done wrong, we ask you what you’ve done right. We seek to listen to you at all times, instead of telling you what we know. Our intention is to let you and the rest of your loved ones know that this doesn’t have to be the end, it’s actually a beginning. We truly go above and beyond.

One of our directors meets with every client after they’ve been with us for a month to ask them about the specific ways Good Heart helped them to start their recovery journey and how they are enjoying our program.

“The Good Heart Recovery staff stayed checking in on me and calling me way before I admitted and before they even knew if I could really make it in. I wouldn’t have made it in without their help. I love this non-12-step program because it has groups all day that actually have a message and a purpose where I can speak myself freely unlike any other outpatient program I’ve been to that have groups with no deep intentional purpose.”
“I was scared at first coming into addiction treatment for the first time, but I love Good Heart and I’m comfortable here working on my issues. The CEO was a huge part of my admissions process and that’s unheard of anywhere else. I don’t know what to say to describe Good Heart to someone. They really just have to come experience it. It’s unlike anything else I’ve been a part of.”
“I love this outpatient program and I’m doing great. I’m so glad I chose to come here and not another program. This place is so different than anywhere else. I remember when I was on the fence with coming to Good Heart and the staff said to come by and experience it for myself. I’m so glad I did. I honestly think people need to come see Good Heart before they make their decision, words cannot describe it.”

“I actually miss being in the full day outpatient program because this place is helping me so much and I can’t believe I’m saying that about what something called a ‘rehab’. This is a place to be vulnerable and open up and other places felt like a place to just listen. I feel like at Good Heart my family and I have learned how to be happy and together again for the first time in years.”



We’ve simplified our intake process

Step 1: Assessment

Is Good Heart The Right Fit?

One of Good Heart’s directors will be the first person to answer your call. We will complete a 15-20 minute initial assessment with you over the phone getting to know you and exactly what you are seeking at this time. Using information from this assessment, our clinical director and founders of the program will discuss your case and determine appropriateness, the type of addiction and/or mental health treatment you or your loved one needs, and will either accept your admission, provide prior steps to complete before admission into our program, or will move to refer you to one of the best places we know to better suit your needs.

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Step 2: Approval

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Payment Options and Starting Requirements

As your assessment is being reviewed, one of Good Heart’s directors will discuss payment options with you. Based on the level of care you are approved for, self-pay costs will be discussed. Most of the time, our clients use their health insurance to cover the costs of our outpatient program. We are in-network with several insurance companies and at times, there is a zero cost out of pocket for you.. We will talk to your insurance company for you and let you know what they say about covering your or your loved one’s addiction and/or mental health treatment.

Step 3: Meet The Team and Community

Starting the Recovery Journey

Once you’ve been approved, we will schedule your intake appointment at our beautiful facility. You will become immersed slowly into our one of a kind program, will meet our staff, and begin your conscious rehabilitation towards a healthier and more free lifestyle.


Your Insurance Can Cover 100% Of Our Program

Good Heart exists to serve the Santa Barbara community and all who seek the type of help we provide at the lowest possible cost for the highest quality of care. We’ve worked diligently to partner with multiple insurance companies who have vetted our program and agreed to allow us to treat their members at little to no cost, paying for all services we provide.

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