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At Bridges of Hope, we believe you should never attempt to quit drinking cold turkey. It not only rarely works, but it can even aggravate your condition. We invite you to our alcohol rehab centers in Indiana for comprehensive medical treatment asap.

What is alcohol detox?

The alcohol detoxification process is a medical procedure relying on medication, control, and therapy to eliminate the substance from your organism and restore the chemical balance in the brain. Prolonged alcohol addiction will change your brain’s chemical functioning drastically over the years, altering your behavior and mental composure. The role of the detoxification procedure is to reverse that.

During the alcohol detox program, you will remain under permanent supervision, as our clinicians will monitor your progress around the clock. The program will usually last up to two weeks, with minor adjustments, depending on each patient, and it will rely on medication-assisted treatment, as well as therapy and counseling.

How to overcome alcohol withdrawal?

The safest and most effective way of defeating the withdrawal is by joining the inpatient program today. The more you wait, the faster the alcohol addiction will progress. In its more advanced stages, the withdrawal can even become life-threatening. It can produce severe manifestations like seizures, cardiac arrest, delirium tremens, etc. Trying to overcome the symptoms on your own is an exercise in futility.

You can only do that in a controlled environment, under the supervision of experienced clinicians and therapists. The detoxification process is a procedure that relies on precision, control, and adaptability. At our alcohol rehab centers in Indiana, we offer personalized detox, designed to meet the unique needs of every one of our patients. We can help you beat the withdrawal fast, in a comfortable and relaxing environment, with our experts controlling the procedure at all times.

Is alcoholism incurable?

Alcoholism is a chronic disorder, which means it has no known cure. The closest thing to a cure is adopting a life-changing management strategy that will span over the rest of your life. Most alcoholics have battled their disease for years, which has caused it to become part of their life. Their addiction is their life now, and it is this mindset that prevents them from moving past it.

At our center, you will find out how to shed the old and embrace the new, despite all the obstacles before you. Here, you will learn that hope should never die because there is always a solution to your problem, with proper guidance and support. And we can offer you the salvation you’re seeking.

Starting the rehab today!

The sooner you begin the rehabilitation treatment, the faster you will be able to get your life back. Our alcohol rehab centers in Indiana offer you the opportunity to start life anew. At our center, you will receive personalized care, high-end clinical treatment and therapy, along with care, compassion, and respect.

At Bridges of Hope, our mission is to teach you about personal responsibility, self-discovery, and happiness. Visit our facility today, meet the staff, and let’s begin the treatment asap!

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