Upon completion of Good Heart Recovery, you are a lifelong Alumni and creator of your own Self-Realization Journey! As an Alumni of Good Heart, you have access to not only certain services that we can continue to provide you, but you also have ways of being of service to others and to yourself. Not only do you have a wealth of experience and skills having gone through our mental health and/or substance abuse outpatient program that you can share with others, but we love to see the continued recovery and progress our past clients continue to make when they stop by!


What Does It Mean To Be A Good Heart Recovery Alumni?


Following your graduation or otherwise exit from Good Heart Recovery, you enter into the realm of a Good Heart Alumni. We pride ourselves on being a program that encourages and holds space for past clients to return a maximum of once or twice a week to our group sessions for continued community building, coping skill utilization, and mindfulness techniques.

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9:30am Morning Meditations

All Alumni are encouraged to return to Good Heart any weekday at 9:30am for our daily meditation and process groups. These groups are reported to be some of the most life-changing groups within our program and therefore, opening them up to past clients, and you joining us, allows you to continue to foster the awareness of your internal strengths and abilities.

Various Alternative Groups

All Alumni are welcome to attend various other groups depending upon the time, day, and topic of the group session. You may call your previous case manager or our direct information line and we can better guide you to scheduling attendance at these free group sessions. In addition to our group sessions open to Alumni, we hold Alumni and community events that all current and Alumni clients are welcome to attend. Some of these events include Bowling Night, BBQs, Overdose Awareness Events, Holiday Parties, and more!

Diana Mummé
University of Melbourne: School of Social Work, International Journal of the Addictions

“Aftercare is regarded as an important component of alcohol and other drug treatment oriented to the maintenance of sobriety. It is conceptualized as those therapeutic activities that aim to maintain gains achieved in an earlier phase of treatment, opposed to procedures which promote new treatment goals.”


If and when you have completed your program at Good Heart Recovery, your internal ability to address, acknowledge, work with, and when needed let go of, the parts of your true being have grown and strengthened to be a real part of your recovery. We work diligently with each and every one of you to ensure that you learn to find, listen to, and work with your own Good Heart.

Listening to Your Good Heart

When you are with us at Good Heart Recovery, we remind you each day of the week that in order to become the best human being you can become for your own personal recovery and life journey, you need to listen to your Heart. We give you room to see that it is Good, and we teach you how to be guided by its needs. As an Alumni, you have shown that you understand your true Nature and align with your Good Heart. Do not forget to listen to it. Do not forget to let it guide you. Do not forget it is not a separate part of you, but is in fact, you in all your ways.

Guiding Your Actions with Your Good Heart

As an Alumni of Good Heart Recovery, you will be in a place where you take precious time to decide and determine what your motivations are before you act. You ask yourself: Why am I doing what I am doing? Is it kind? Is it true to my values? Is it necessary and helpful? You represent a part of our community that reflects how prior alternative behaviors, such as lying and/or manipulation, are now seen as harmful and counteractive against your Good Heart. As an Alumni, you pride yourself on your ability to be loving and kind, to yourself and to others.

“We don’t and never will see you as “broken”, as an “addict”, as an “alcoholic”, as “crazy”. We hold true to the belief that you are a Future Healer. As an Alumni of Good Heart Recovery, you have become a healer. You have learned how to heal yourself and in turn, you have learned how to heal others.”


Courtney Tracy
Founder & CEO


Through the completely unique community that we create at Good Heart Recovery, as staff and clients and Alumni alike, we have developed a respected, value-based, mindful, and loving tribe where we truly acknowledge each others’ Good Hearts and in turn, we see that this acknowledges our own as well. Yet, we do this in such an unselfish way, that we all give to one other and unexpectedly, we get it in return.

Curious in the Good Heart Behind All Observed Behavior

As an Alumni of Good Heart Recovery, you learned and/or will learn throughout your program to slow down and become curious of the goodness, the Good Heart, behind each individuals’ actions. If actions are harmful, you acknowledge the Good Heart that is likely trapped in pain and suffering. If actions are helpful, you acknowledge the Good Heart that is free from its own causes of hurt and take pride that you have done similar work. As an Alumni, you represent being able to see passed what is being shown, by looking with your Heart, not just with your eyes.

A Community of Good Hearts

As you have likely heard us state frequently, we don’t and never will see you as “broken”, as an “addict”, as an “alcoholic”, as “crazy”. We hold true to the belief that you are a Future Healer. As an Alumni of our program, as an Alumni of Good Heart Recovery, you have become a healer. You have learned how to heal yourself and in turn, you have learned how to heal others. Our mission is to change the community around you by helping you change yourself. By change, we mean set free. You become part of a free community of Good Hearts whose mission is to heal, congratulations!

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