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Good Heart Recovery is a place for people to gain a comprehensive set of skills to have meaning and joy in their life. All of us at Good Heart work hard to live the best lives we can – socially, spiritually and in our families. This then serves as a model for our clients: the human experience is everything miraculous, and everyone deserves to live to their full potential. That’s what we do at Good Heart; we help people live to their full potential.
– Carson Winn, LCSW, Clinical Supervisor and Primary Therapist at Good Heart Recovery

The employee culture at Good Heart Recovery can be described using the following words:


We serve one another by being open to ideas and making sure we provide experiences that our staff members will remember for a lifetime. By engaging ourselves as a staff community, in turn, we engage more with our clients and welcome their ideas, building life-changing experiences for them throughout their treatment.


We laugh, we smile, we play music and games, we make art, and we allow ourselves to build relationships with one another that are human, original, and quirky. Through the expression of fun and freedom at ‘work’, clients are able to see within the Good Heart community that you’re allowed to have fun even when you’re doing the hard work placed before you.


The benefit of working at Good Heart is that each staff members feels rewarded within their position. Below you will read what some of our staff members have shared about why they work for Good Heart Recovery and in the rehab field.


The recovery field is not easy. It comes with many responsibilities and duties. We serve each other as staff members by continuing to challenge ourselves and one another to reach our own personal desired potentials. We provide room for our staff members to grow and provide them attainable and reaching goals for encouragement. Through our accomplishments, clients can mirror their own abilities, and through discussion of the humanness behind potential struggles with challenges, we meet our clients with acknowledgment and alignment.


We are a team that’s 95% in constant alignment, we leave the other 5% because nothing is perfect and we don’t intend to be. We also have some of the brightest and most innovative clinicians working in treatment today and to create the miraculous, you’ve got to be an initiator and at times, go against the grain. We collaborate through respected continuous feedback from staff, community, and clients alike. We’re all pushing towards the same objective: to heal others and help them find their internal message.


The least amount of time one of our founders has known another staff member is five years. We care deeply about one another and are not afraid to express it to one another. Good Heart Recovery is a home. We intentionally set it up to be a home with a backyard and comfy couches. In a non-sterile environment, we breed creativity and oneness.


While we are both family and fun, we are also professional. Through decades of experience, education, and thousands of personally handled client cases, we know how to treat mental health and substance use disorders. We’re experts in it. We hold boundaries when needed. We give space when needed. Our ethical and legal awareness is top notch and we will never make a decision that places anything other than client care first, even if that means referring someone out to a location that better suits his or her needs.


We’ve brought together a team that has seen what works and what doesn’t, and what no one has tried before. Our staff members bring it all together and have developed an unprecedented way to treat mental health and addiction issues with the first-ever fusion of several varying clinical practices. We’re doing things differently, and it’s working.

Apply For a Career at Good Heart Recovery

We have multiple positions available and room for growth at our healing center. We always welcome resumes to be submitted year-round. If our employee philosophy speaks to you, please feel free to submit your resume to our CEO, Courtney Tracy, PsyDC, MSW, ACSW and Clinical Director, Lacee Dilmore, LMFT, for review at

Our Purpose of Working in Treatment

Over 75 years combined experience treating mental health and addiction

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

“I work in treatment because treating pain and suffering and discomfort is one of the only true purposes for existence and a legacy of lasting change towards a better overall human condition. Our staff and our clients are my fellows, who all deserve a life worth living, who deserve the best their abilities can provide them, and then some. I hold this position and steer this company proudly because what we do changes lives and lights fires in those we serve and hire, and even in those we say goodbye to for their path is leading them elsewhere. We are one candle, lighting several thousand more, changing the course of health and healing.”

Courtney Tracy



Co-Founder and Spiritual Director

“My desire is to become the very change the treatment industry needs in order to bring us closer to ending the epidemic of addiction and mental health. I found myself, in past years and at past treatment centers, strongly disenchanted (and at times disgusted) with what was being offered within the traditional model of treatment. I have returned to the treatment world with a renewed focus and determination to pioneer emotionally-focused, spiritually-based methods that will lead patients toward the eventuality of healing, not a life sentence of sickness maintenance. My contribution to the field is co-founding Good Heart Recovery, a place built on the methods and practices listed above, a place where miracles happen daily, a center like none other on the planet.”

Jaymee Carpenter

Seasoned Psychospiritual Counselor


Spiritual Director

Chief Operating Officer

“I work in this field to witness the miracles that happen daily. I stand by people who want to get better and will do what it takes to see their path succeed.”

Trever Roberts


Clinical Staff

Cheif Operating Officer

Co-Founder and Clinical Director

“Often, myself and close friends of mine in the field share the same thought about the work; “I didn’t choose it, it chose me”. Whether I choose it or it chose me, I guess doesn’t really matter. I feel committed to this work because I believe in healing. I believe the suffering of this world can essentially be resolved through simple practices we have gotten too far away from; the practice of love, the practice of compassion, the practice of vulnerability and the practice of truth-seeking.”

Lacee Dilmore



Clinical Director

Reimbursement Director

“I am grateful to have fallen into work where I get to use my voice to advocate for others. As someone who was once advocated for, giving back ethically and using my valued skills for others is so important to me.”

Jessica Flores

Operat Staff

Licensed Trauma & Emotion-Focused Therapist