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Co-Ed Drug Rehab Lancaster

The advantages of our addiction counseling center in Lancaster can be taken advantage of by people at different stages of their lives, but are especially taken advantage of by teens and young adults because they tend to have more openness and commonalities with others.

It is precisely that openness to other people’s experiences that our substance addiction coed treatment leverages.

In this outpatient treatment program in Lancaster, our patients have the opportunity to share their experiences with people of their own and other genders, which alleviates most of the anxieties, strong emotions, and difficulties that a person is going through as they begin their detoxification process.

The fundamental pillar of coed therapy is to create a sense of community and trust among patients to support their recovery in a safe relationship with their peers and their therapists.

Our approach includes a broad spectrum of therapeutic possibilities that provide a comprehensive response, comprised of an interdisciplinary intervention adapted to our patients’ socio-cultural context.

The three fundamental aspects of our addiction evaluations and treatment program in Lancaster consist of detox, therapy, and follow-up care.


This stage is the most physically and mentally demanding for our patients. It involves removing the presence of harmful substances such as drugs or alcohol from the body. After the substances have been eliminated, physical stability must be achieved so that the body can return to proper functioning without feeling the need to come in contact with the drugs again.


Our program is not only about eliminating substances from our patients’ bodies but also helping them to build the support network and lifestyle that can keep them away from using harmful substances again. That is why we have the best addiction therapists in Lancaster County at our center. 

In this part of the process, we include psychological and family functioning issues, dealing with anxiety, depression, or chronic stress associated with substance use, along with the overwhelming feeling of radically changing lifestyle by relearning how to have healthy and productive interpersonal relationships.

Our therapy aims to help our patients begin to understand their emotional needs and face the realities of life with a healthier attitude and always counting on a support network of family, friends, and people close to them.

Follow-up care 

Follow-up care is to facilitate our patients’ return to an active and healthy social life in which they can feel in full use of their faculties. Working with addiction is a lifelong job in most cases, so it is crucial to have the right tools to deal with the most challenging situations of life in society in order to stay away from substance use and avoid relapse. The importance of follow-up care is that it provides those tools to our patients so that they can use them after they finish the rehab and recovery program at our rehab center.

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Co-Ed Drug Rehab Lancaster