Drug Rehab in Oxnard CA


What makes a good Oxnard drug rehab? Some patients say it’s the commitment they experience from the rehab’s staff; recovery specialists believe it’s based on the quality of addiction treatment. Whatever your definition of ‘good’ happens to be, we think you’ll find our recovery services at Good Heart Recovery to be more than just good, but rather, exceptional. We take addiction seriously, providing patients with the skills and services they need to break free from addictive behaviors and lifestyles and live life to its best potential.


5 Important Questions To Ask Before Checking Into Rehab

  1. Am I fully committed to a recovery program? Without motivation and a firm commitment to overcoming your addiction, time spent in rehab will be wasted time. For this reason, recovery experts suggest a no-pressure approach to addressing family and loved ones who are dealing with addiction. Unless the addict is ready and willing to make a lasting change, they’ll revert to old patterns after completing their program. If you’re ready to get well, Good Heart Recovery can help you walk away from addiction for good.
  2. Is this the program that I should enroll in? No two rehabilitation programs are the same, which is why you should spend as much time as you need researching treatment centers to locate an Oxnard drug rehab that can tailor a program to your specific needs. What has worked successfully for someone else in the past may not work the same way for you. Avoid revolving door rehabs that only provide one path to recovery; instead, contact Good Heart Recovery to learn more about our sobriety practices.
  3. Will my health insurance benefits pay for treatment? Depending on the coverage you own and the rehab you’re dealing with, your insurance could pay for some or even all of your recovery costs. Request insurance benefits check when you contact Good Heart Recovery at 805-242-2175. Knowing how much addiction treatment will cost you can provide peace of mind.
  4. Is addiction treatment enough for me? The vast majority of patients who seek out recovery services are dealing with one or more underlying mental health issue, such as PTSD, trauma, anxiety, or depression. These issues can serve as an obstacle, preventing patients from getting well. A history of relapse can be a warning sign that something other than addiction is a factor. Good Heart Recovery offers mental health services and addiction treatment as the best way of overcoming addiction in the long-term.
  5. Is the timing, right? There’s no better time to reach out for help regarding an addiction than right now. When you look back at the time before entering an Oxnard drug rehab, you’ll wonder why it took you so long to get help.


Don’t wait- admission specialists at Good Heart Recovery await your phone call and will walk you through the initial steps of admissions when you’re ready to start healing. Call 805-242-2175 for your confidential consultation.