Drug Rehab in Santa Maria CA


Knowing what to look for while searching for a drug rehab in Santa Maria might make all the difference in your recovery. Spending time researching and interviewing top rehab centers to locate the finest Santa Maria rehab for addiction treatment entails spending time researching and interviewing top rehab clinics. It can be difficult to find the time to research each treatment center; fortunately, you only need to make one phone call to gain access to a full continuum of care; simply call Good Heart Recovery at 805-242-2175 to speak with a representative from our drug and alcohol rehab who can answer your recovery questions.


5 Amenities That Set Our Rehab Apart from Other Treatment Centers

  1. If your health has been deteriorating as a result of alcoholism or drug addiction, you may have noticed weight loss, dental issues, or other health problems. At Good Health Recovery, we serve nutritious, wholesome meals that will help you get stronger as you overcome your addiction. If you live alone, it’s probably been some time since you enjoyed a good home-cooked meal. Delicious, nutritious foods are just one of perks of recovering at Good Heart Recovery.
  2. Many drug rehabilitation centers are focused intently on filling beds; we’re not as concerned with our beds being filled as we are in the comfort of our beds and amenities. Our upscale facility’s clean and r accommodations can make you feel like you’re coming home when you commit to our residential recovery program.
  3. One of the most common complaints heard among rehab patients is that they’re bored between meetings and counseling sessions. That won’t happen when you choose our Santa Maria drug rehab. Experiential activities and amenities enhance your time in rehab, so that Santa Maria addiction treatment takes on a whole new meaning. Feel free to review our list of program amenities and contact us with any questions about Good Heart Recovery.
  4. While other rehabs are looking at completing their program as the goal, at Good Heart Recovery, we look at things a bit differently from other treatment centers. We don’t consider a completed program the evidence that a patient is ready to leave recovery and take on the world. We value life skills training that can offer our patients the tools they need to prevent a relapse after leaving our rehab.
  5. If you’ve been through rehab and have felt isolated from the outside world, you’ll notice things are set up in a different way at Good Heart Recovery. We find exceptional value in family therapy, encouraging family weekends to begin the transitional phase that will eventually take place when the patient is ready to go home.


You’ll find more information about our Santa Maria drug rehab online; let us know if you need to speak with a counselor about your situation or would like to discuss placement into one of our programs. We’re here for you, 24/7, to ensure you have access to the resources you need when you’re ready to take the next step in addiction recovery. Be sure to inquire about insurance benefits check while you’re on the phone with our team.