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Drug rehab South Florida

Drug addiction causes a vast number of deaths annually. More precisely, over 250,000 people, with around 60,000 of them being American. And what we have here are the numbers only related to overdose deaths, not including factors like drug-related accidents or connected disease and health affections that may develop as a consequence of drug abuse. These facts alone would change our statistics by adding several million extra heads on the count. This is where Meridian Treatment Solutions comes in.

Drug rehab in South Florida consists of multiple treatment methods, aiming at attacking the problem at its roots. But what makes drug addiction one of the most dangerous health conditions of the current century? Why does it affect so many people and how come we can’t control it? To answer these questions, we must look at how drugs work on the brain and how profoundly they can affect the patient both clinically and socially.

1. The toxic and chemical effects

This stage corresponds to the initial impact of drug consumption, specifically those occurring at the brain level. As the chemical enters the body, whether through ingesting pills, snorting or injecting it, its active compounds will charge the opioid receptors in the brain, causing it a flood of dopamine, combined with narcotic effects, pain numbness, confusion and profound muscular relaxation. Because of the brain’s ability to develop tolerance, overdoses may occur, and these can become lethal.

2. Physical effects linked to intoxication

Here we include aspects that are pretty well-known by all institutions promoting drug rehab in South Florida, respectively – drug-related accidents, violence or injuries. These incidents will mostly occur at one point or another because the addict is no longer responsible for his actions. His perception of reality is significantly altered which can put him at high risk on long-term.

3. The harmful effects of addiction

Three significant aspects need to be taken into account here, building the bigger picture of how dangerous addiction is:

-Withdrawal – Where major symptoms include nausea and vomiting, shaking, loss of consciousness, seizures and even the risk of coma and death.

-Overdose – As addiction sets in, the victim will continuously feel the need to increase the dose to keep stimulating his brain to release dopamine. Overdosing can induce respiratory failure and death.

-Relapse – Since the addiction is in full effect, the patient will not be able to quit drug use without professional assistance. Relapse will prevent him from doing so. What’s more important is that relapse is a danger even after the treatment has been considered successful.

4. Long-term health risks

Prolonged drug abuse will increase the risk of contracting cancer, mental disorders like Alzheimer’s disease and heart conditions, aside from permanently affecting the liver, the victim’s circulatory system and so on.

This goes to show that drug rehab in South Florida is crucial for keeping substance abuse at bay among the population. And, in this context, Meridian Treatment Solutions, is one of the best chances people have at restoring their lives back to normal. One that all drug addicts desperately need.

Drug rehab South Florida