Accreditation, Certification, and Membership

“In the end, it comes down to safety, trust, and transparency. Everyone seeking treatment, for themselves or someone they love, is wanting consistent, quality clinical care and to live each day over the course of the treatment experience with the ability to breathe and be relieved of worry. I’m proud of the measures and partnerships we have in place to ensure these aspects of care are of the highest priority.”
– Courtney Tracy, Chief Executive Officer

Below is a list of the numerous memberships, certifications, and accreditations Good Heart Recovery holds ensuring our commitment to the highest quality of care.

California Department of Health Care Services

The California Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) provides 24-hour and non-24-hour facilities with certification and licensure based on the services that are provided. Good Heart Recovery has successfully achieved facility certification through the state of California as a result of our program exceeding the minimum levels of service and quality necessary to be State-certified and continue to be in substantial compliance with all standards set forth by the state of California. The Department serves as a regulatory body that will continue to assess our program, at minimum, biennially to ensure the quality and safety of our direct health care services including all aspects of our treatment from intake procedures and treatment planning to fiscal practices and operational management.


  • Assured safety of health care services

  • Quality clinical practices

  • Compliance with State regulations

Joint Commission Accreditation

The Joint Commission is a private, not-for-profit organization that rigorously assesses and evaluates a facility’s quality of care including medical and clinical practices and internal policies and procedures. The mission and vision of the Joint Commission and Good Heart Recovery align in that both organizations strive for the safest, highest-quality care, treatment, and services to be provided to individuals always. Our facility achieved Joint Commission accreditation representing our commitment to the highest standard of quality and safety for all those that we serve. Our facility grounds, individualized and evidence-based clinical and medical treatment, and health and safety protocols were consistently noted to be within the highest caliber of standards in the healthcare industry, next to leading hospitals and doctor’s offices.


  • Trusted risk management and reduction

  • Truly individualized care and treatment

  • Highest upheld standards of health and safety practices

LegitScript Certification

LegitScript is an organization that ensures that all information listed on a facility’s website is complete, accurate, and truly reflects the services provided within the facility’s program. It enforces transparency and regulation requirements within many areas of a healthcare organization’s business including business documentation, licensure of clinical and medical staff, business affiliations and partnerships, and audit and inspection reports. Good Heart Recovery received LegitScript Certification after criminal background checks, insurance policies, policies and procedures, and our quality standards were assessed and legitimized as safe and trustworthy practices.


  • Vetted policies and procedures

  • Legal and ethical internal practices

  • Annual monitoring of internal programming

SAMSHA-Approved Treatment Provider

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration serves as a governmental agency that leads public health efforts to advance the behavioral health of the nation. In order to reduce the impact of substance abuse and mental illness in the United States, they have developed a vetting process to ensure that only State-licensed and accredited facilities can be accessed through governmental approval. Good Heart Recovery has been listed on SAMSHA’s specialized Behavioral Health Treatment Services list after annual and continuing review of the services we provide including the ability to use insurance to cover the cost of a client’s treatment stay.


  • Government-approved health care

  • Verified licensure and accreditation

  • Correct and accurate program representation

NAATP Membership

The National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers is a non-profit organization that aligns with treatment facilities striving for legal and policy-driven clinical and operational protocols within the client care they provide. Good Heart Recovery serves our clients with the best clinical practices, quality control initiatives, and standards outcomes that qualify us for membership to this prestigious community. Annual membership to the NAATP confirms our commitment to providing a comprehensive model of care that includes medical, biopsychosocial, and spiritual services to individuals and family members affected by addiction.


  • Reviewed efficacy of treatment outcomes
  • Facility staff receives care-driven education and training
  • Applied evidence-based treatment interventions

BHAP Membership

The Behavioral Health Association of Providers supports Good Heart Recovery’s clinical programming through accessible information and resources on clinical compliance and helps to ensure that we provide the best practices known in our evolving clinical and healthcare field. Enforcement of state, federal, and other legal requirements for behavioral health providers such as Good Heart is also a key component to the membership of this association. Through BHAP, Good Heart is able to advocate for its clients and engage in meaningful collaborations with other facilities across the nation who serve to impact and reduce mental health illnesses.


  • Nationally-recognized clinical collaboration

  • Legal and ethical guideline adherence

  • Assurance of best-practice treatment

NASW Membership

Good Heart Recovery’s Chief Executive Officer and Clinical Supervisor are active members of the National Association of Social Workers. The NASW serves to promote the growth of social work providers clinically and help them to maintain adherence to specific professional standards and sound social policies. Each holding a Master of Social Work degree from the University of Southern California and Florida State University, respectively, membership to NASW allows Good Heart Recovery’s upper clinical and executive management access to the latest and notably recognized practices within the alcohol and drug and mental health field and compliance support for all legal and ethical guidelines expressed in the NASW code of ethics.


  • Program policies are guided by values and mission
  • Management advocates for client
  • Sound professionalism at all times

SBCPA Membership

The Santa Barbara community relies heavily on the Santa Barbara County Psychological Association to address local mental health problems and the broader spectrum of professional interests for psychological clinicians in our area. Good Heart Recovery’s CEO, Courtney Tracy, has been an active member of the SBCPA since 2016. The alliance between the executive staff of Good Heart Recovery and the SBCPA is one of promoting community and disaster planning, educational support for loved ones of those suffering from mental illness, and values and goals of each organization aligning to ensure clients and community members are well taken care of.


  • Direct community involvement
  • Doctoral-level (PsyD) management team
  • Continuing evidence-based treatment implementation

SBCAMFT Membership

The California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists, specifically, the Santa Barbara branch of CAMFT, has been a partner of Good Heart Recovery since its inception. 50% of Good Heart Recovery’s overall staff, including our CEO and Clinical Director, adhere to the code of ethics set forth by CAMFT and each hold or are completing, at minimum, a Master in Clinical or Counseling Psychology. We as an organization continue to follow the pathway of this association by aligning with their mission of advancing the therapy profession, maintaining the highest of standards, and remaining qualified to provide quality health care.


  • Cooperative advocacy and representation
  • Commitment to public mental health care
  • Highest professional ethics and protocols

CCAPP Certification

The California Consortium of Addiction Programs and Professionals is recognized by the California Department of Health Care Services as an accrediting body. Not only is Good Heart Recovery a CCAPP “Program of Distinction”, which means that we are recognized as an excellent treatment provider, but 25% of our treatment and administrative staff, those that are not Master’s level clinicians, are also specifically credentialed and/or registered with CCAPP, ensuring these staff members are ethical within their scope of practice, hold specific educational requirements to treat our clients, and have appropriate experience to treat our specific population.


  • Accredited program and staff members

  • Ethical and legally guided client care

  • Consistently updated addiction practices

NAMI Alliance

The National Alliance on Mental Illness is the nation’s largest mental health organization dedicated to building better lives for those affected by mental illness. Good Heart Recovery is an active member of the Southern Santa Barbara County NAMI. Listening to, advocating for, educating on, and leading the way towards tools, resources, services, support, and information on and for mental illness are key contributions of both NAMI and Good Heart Recovery. We as a facility aligned with NAMI as a means to ensure we were doing everything we could to move our community to hear a healthy, accepted, and understood voice of mental illness and the curative effects of implemented clinical practices at Good Heart Recovery and elsewhere.


  • Staff awareness of current mental illness trends
  • Vast resources for support from depression, anxiety and trauma
  • Practices at the forefront of scientific research

NAADAC Membership

The Association for Addiction Professionals, formerly known as the National Association for Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Counselors, serves as an international organization that promotes healthier outcomes for individuals who suffer from addiction through prevention, intervention, quality treatment, and recovery support. Being a member of the NAADAC, Good Heart Recovery holds itself to a code of ethics that include confidentiality, culturally-diverse practices, clinically-appropriate client assessments and evaluations, and research-based programming for clients.


  • Up-to-date, science-based client services
  • Clinical training and education for our staff
  • Nationally certified program options

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