Over 80 years combined experience treating mental health and substance abuse

Our inpatient and outpatient rehab facility team is comprised of a multidisciplinary group of substance use counselors and mental health disorder clinicians. Executively and medically run by doctoral level clinicians and clinically run by seasoned masters level psychotherapists, our team is committed to finding, treating, and reconciling the underlying issues that bring individuals into mental health and substance abuse treatment. Every staff member that provides direct services to clients at Good Heart Recovery believes in finding what makes each person unique and has a personal, as well as a professional, desire to truly get to know the strengths, abilities, preferences, and needed skills and supports for each person who desires to lead a new life. Having treated over thousands of cases and individuals, our treatment team is experienced in the many different presentations of pain and suffering that accumulate over the years due to mental illness and have developed specific modalities to treat such presentations as a team and individually.

  • Theodore (Ted) Bender, PhD, MBA, LCDC
    Theodore (Ted) Bender, PhD, MBA, LCDC
    Chief Executive Officer
  • Scott Ward
    Scott Ward
    Chief Operating Officer
  • Marjorie Gies, MD, PhD
    Marjorie Gies, MD, PhD
    Board-Certified and Licensed Medical Doctor
  • Danielle Spain, MA, AMFT
    Danielle Spain, MA, AMFT
    Program Director
  • Jill Frandsen
    Jill Frandsen
    Clinical Supervisor
  • Deneen Nakamura
    Deneen Nakamura
    Admissions Director
  • Crystal Germanetti, MA, AMFT
    Crystal Germanetti, MA, AMFT
    Family Therapist and Alumni Outreach
  • Kelsey Hawk, CADC-I
    Kelsey Hawk, CADC-I
    Integrative Counselor
  • Annie Ewald, MA, AMFT
    Annie Ewald, MA, AMFT
    Case Manager
  • Challis Popkey
    Challis Popkey
  • Alexah Hart
    Alexah Hart
    Case Manager
  • Julien Santiago
    Julien Santiago
    Case Manager
  • Jessica Flores, CATC I
    Jessica Flores, CATC I
    Director of Reimbursement
  • Emily Donan
    Emily Donan

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