Program Information for Potential Clients

For Potential Good Heart Clients

Who are you, underneath what you think the world wants to see? Who are you, underneath your thought patterns? Who are you, underneath your societal conditioning? Who are you, beneath the narrative of your life experiences? WHO ARE YOU REALLY? The answer to that question has been patiently awaiting you for decades, and is the primary basis for our creating Good Heart Recovery. We believe you were born to make a difference, that you were born inherently good, that you have something unique to offer this planet and it’s life forms, and that you are the one you’ve been waiting for to save you. We’re simply here to be a clear mirror for you to see yourself clearly, perhaps for the first time. Spiritual practice and becoming self-aware is just the beginning. The idea is not to establish enlightenment in our own lives, but to create an enlightened society, which starts one person at a time. Why an enlightened society? This world desperately needs our help and our full attention. Suffering is everywhere, including the suffering of the only known planet to hold life, our Earth. We at Good Heart Recovery direct our efforts not only into creating sober, clear-minded individuals with compassionate hearts, but stewards of the Earth and all of its inhabitants. The goal is realization of our interdependence with all of life.

How To Prepare For Outpatient Treatment

If you are coming to Good Heart Recovery, one thing you should know right away is that we are all about treating you like an equal. When you enter into the non-12-step program, you won’t feel judged, you won’t feel pressured to act any way different than who you really are, and you will be given permission to cry, laugh, yell, and tell us what’s really going on. We’re different than other outpatient rehabs. Trust us, you’ll be able to tell on day one.

Our tips for an easy transition into our adult (18+) outpatient program:

  • Take a deep breath

  • Acknowledge you’ve made a good decision for a better future

  • Get a good night’s sleep

  • Eat something before arriving

  • Be ready to slowly and confidentially talk about what’s been going on for you

  • Be ready to truly laugh, smile, and feel again

What Will Your Outpatient Program Look Like?

Humanistic. Emotion-Focused. Evidence-Based. Holistic.

Partial Hospitalization

Intensive Outpatient


Outpatient Program: Schedule Overview

Good Heart Recovery offers three different outpatient levels of care, each designed to align with an individual’s course of progress and symptom presentation. Every level of care offers group therapy sessions that are specifically designed each morning and afternoon based on the individual members of the group. The schedules above reflect a typical week at each of our levels of care. Please note, the Intensive Outpatient Program can be mornings or afternoons and the Outpatient Program can contain varying days and times. In addition to group therapy, each of our clients at the top two levels of care receive up to six individual sessions a week, every week while they are in treatment:


Each week, our clients are assessed by our medical doctor and PhD in psychoanalysis, Dr. Margorie Gies for medication needs and medical evaluations.


Weekly one-on-one therapy sessions with a Master’s level clinician allow for each of our clients to address the underlying causes of their mental health and substance use disorders.


One a week sessions with a Master’s level case manager provides structured and progressive workshops for clients to gain future employment and educational goals and work on legal and housing issues, as well as relapse prevention and crisis plans.


Our co-founder meets with each client every week to discuss the ‘bigger questions’ about recovery such as: What’s next? Who am I and who do I want to be? How can I release the past? and how to put all the pieces of progress together into a plan for the future.


We work with families to schedule conjoined family connection sessions for the client and their loved ones to come together and discuss the next steps towards reunification and a deeper understanding of one another.


To track our clients’ progress over the course of treatment, we complete psychological assessments upon intake, monthly, and upon discharge to determine our clients’ levels of hope, authenticity, depression, anxiety, mindfulness, automatic thoughts, self-compassion, and loneliness.

Can You Trust Us To Guide You On This Journey?

A Healing Center That Feels Like Home


We are not a center that is going to tell you how to be or what to do. You won’t find white lab coats or a sterile environment when you come to meet our medical and clinical team. You will meet human beings who have dedicated their lives, both personal and professional, to learning what brings people joy and happiness and how we can improve those areas of your life from the start of treatment to the end.


What we will work with you on are all aspects of a healthy lifestyle that we work on ourselves. There are no methods within our program that are unproven through all of the scientific research, decades of trial and error within the field, and personal experience over years and years. We stay healthy, humble, and willing, as we hope you will too.

Involving Family In Your Outpatient Treatment


You will provide us with a release of information, if you desire, to allow us to contact any loved ones or other treatment providers you would like to participate in your treatment.


Your master’s level clinical case manager will reach out to everyone who is participating in your outpatient treatment each week to provide an update based on your approval.


We have a family program where you will be provided family and/or couples sessions on site weekly, which can be done via teleconferencing if needed.


Every Tuesday night, if you are local to Santa Barbara, we offer a family connection workshop where your loved ones can learn how to deal with the difficulties, successes, and various aspects of your own recovery and their personal self-care.

Your Clinical Outpatient Treatment Team

Over 80 years combined experience treating mental health & substance abuse

Good Heart Recovery’s compassionate and dedicated team is comprised of a multidisciplinary group of mental health and substance abuse clinicians and counselors. Uniquely executively and medically run by doctoral-level clinicians and clinically run by seasoned masters level psychotherapists, our team is committed to finding, treating, and reconciling the underlying issues that bring individuals into treatment.

I Need Help

You are not alone. We are here to help.

My Loved One Needs Help

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