Program Information for Treatment Professionals

For Treatment Professionals

Our belief is very simple: we believe addiction and (most) mental health disorders stem from some form of trauma, either a catastrophic event that never healed from an emotional standpoint, or from the long term suppression of authenticity and stifled self-expression. Thriving imagination, self-love and creative problem solving are the products of a long term allowance of the mind and the heart-being given enough room to explore without being exposed to hyper-critical, incessant judgment. That’s the type of center we provide, one that is accepting, non-judgmental, creative, imagination-based, and full of quality, ethical care.

Important Aspects Of Our Program To Share With Your Clients

Whether you are a counselor working at an inpatient or residential facility, a private practice psychiatrist or therapist, or an administrator working at an outpatient facility, Good Heart Recovery is available to meet your adult (18+) clients’ needs if we are the right fit for your clients’ presentation. Our program is unique and provides quality, affordable care to those you care about, the people you’ve been working with to better their lives. Some unique aspects to know about our facility are included in the list below.

What makes Good Heart Recovery unique:

  • We focus on the most important and most valuable resources for clients

  • We address proper sleep, good nutritional health, natural resource utilization, and real individualized care

  • Your client will focus every day on what they have to be grateful for in their lives

  • And at the same time will work on releasing what’s no longer working for them

  • Each client receives five individual sessions a week, every week at all levels of care

  • Our focus is on bringing true feeling back into your client’s lives

  • We’re open to a variety of different recovery plans from 12-step to non-12-step to holistic and everything in between

  • We work from the heart, no matter what, in every situation

What Will Your Client’s Outpatient Treatment Look Like?

Humanistic. Emotion-Focused. Evidence-Based. Holistic.

Partial Hospitalization

Intensive Outpatient


Program Schedule Overview

Good Heart Recovery offers three different outpatient levels of care, each designed to align with an individual’s course of progress and symptom presentation. Every level of care offers group therapy sessions that are specifically designed each morning and afternoon based on the individual members of the group. The schedules above reflect a typical week at each of our levels of care. Please note, the Intensive Outpatient Program can be mornings or afternoons and the Outpatient Program can contain varying days and times. In addition to group therapy, each of our clients at the top two levels of care receive up to six individual sessions a week, every week while they are in treatment:


Each week, our clients are assessed by our medical doctor and PhD in psychoanalysis, Dr. Margorie Gies for medication needs and medical evaluations.


Weekly one-on-one therapy sessions with a Master’s level clinician allow for each of our clients to address the underlying causes of their mental health and substance use disorders.


One a week sessions with a Master’s level case manager provides structured and progressive workshops for clients to gain future employment and educational goals and work on legal and housing issues, as well as relapse prevention and crisis plans.


Our co-founder meets with each client every week to discuss the ‘bigger questions’ about recovery such as: What’s next? Who am I and who do I want to be? How can I release the past? and how to put all the pieces of progress together into a plan for the future.


We work with families to schedule conjoined family connection sessions for the client and their loved ones to come together and discuss the next steps towards reunification and a deeper understanding of one another.


To track our clients’ progress over the course of treatment, we complete psychological assessments upon intake, monthly, and upon discharge to determine our clients’ levels of hope, authenticity, depression, anxiety, mindfulness, automatic thoughts, self-compassion, and loneliness.

Can You Trust Us As A Referral Source?

Healing The Santa Barbara Community


The staff at Good Heart Recovery have been in the field for several years and our center was opened as a silent protest to the inhumane and unethical practices we’ve seen in the overall mental health and addiction field to date. We can safely say that we are following all accreditation, licensure, and ethical guidelines for all credentials and certifications and governing bodies that oversee our work.


Every one of our staff members has been personally affected by both mental health and substance use issues either individually or through a family member. We would never provide any type of care we wouldn’t want for ourselves or our loved ones.

How Will You Be Involved In Your Client’s Care


We will work with the client to obtain a release of information and we will reach out to you to confirm they have arrived at our center.


We will provide periodic, based on request, updates on how they are progressing over the course of their treatment.


If you are a provider that your client will be returning to post treatment, we will ensure you are informed of all aftercare services planned and where you can support the transition.


Every second Wednesday morning of the month, Good Heart Recovery hosts our K.A.R.M.A. event publicly open to all local Santa Barbara healing professionals to attend. We offer a place for the healers to come and experience healing for themselves.

Your Client’s Clinical Outpatient Treatment Team

Over 80 years combined experience treating mental health & substance abuse

Good Heart Recovery’s compassionate and dedicated team is comprised of a multidisciplinary group of mental health and substance abuse clinicians and counselors. Uniquely executively and medically run by doctoral-level clinicians and clinically run by seasoned masters level psychotherapists, our team is committed to finding, treating, and reconciling the underlying issues that bring individuals into treatment.

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