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Luxury Rehab Centers In California

Addiction to either drugs or alcohol has become a leading problem throughout the state. To provide comprehensive addiction treatment from substance abuse, all the free drug rehab centers in California are based on medically supervised detox and therapy through rehabilitation programs. But besides becoming a part of effective drug rehab programs in CA, the environment and the facility of rehab can also contribute towards a healthy recovery.


Free drug rehab centers in California do offer all the basic forms of rehabilitation, but going for a luxury rehab assists you in recovering in comfortable and relaxed surroundings. Luxury rehab centers in California offer personalized treatment plans, countless amenities, beautiful locations, and around-the-clock medical support.

The Heavenly Center is a supreme luxury rehab center in California, with a treatment style that is completely out of the box. Our ideas and therapy procedures are as diverse as our luxury facilities. Have a look at how our luxury outpatient centers are better than any other rehabs around the state of California.

  1. FULLY EQUIPPED MUSIC STUDIOS: Have you ever heard about music being a drug rehab treatment in California? Maybe no but we are different from other luxury rehabs. We believe that writing songs and lyrics, producing music, recording tracks all can have a strong influence on your overall treatment. And so, we have transformed our rehab into a complete music studio where you become a part of the music production team having music experts by your side.
  2. MUSIC INSTRUMENTS TO BOOST YOUR HEALING: Well-developed luxury rehab centers in California may offer you scenic views and upgraded sober lodgings, but we have musical instruments to help you revive the positivity in life that you have lost due to addiction. Create your own chords and melodies on instruments of your choice without being assessed. Our instruments will help you become self-reliant, confident and will help you embrace your hidden emotions and feelings.
  3. PERSONAL RADIO BROADCASTING: Our Heavenly Center radio is another important factor that distinguishes us from other luxury rehabs. The THC Radio becomes your voice while you shape a new life free of addiction. The radio program highlights the struggles faced by addicts and how to overcome addiction to start an addiction-free life. We let you use your creativity and imagination while broadcasting the show.
  4. COMPLETE FREEDOM OF CHOICE: According to our philosophy, luxury is not having yourself treated in the most lavish environment, but luxury is being independent in making choices. Our rehab grants you that freedom allowing you to select programs that attract you the most. We don’t stick to a single treatment plan that fits all, but instead, we give you the tool to become fully engrossed in your healing process.
  5. COOPERATIVE PAYMENT PLANS: Luxury rehabs come with high-end pricing plans making you pay huge sums of money for their quality services, but we aim to cooperate with our clients. Either you are compensated through your insurance policy, or we offer you multiple payment plans to support you in reforming yourself. We deliver low-cost addiction treatment in CA by proposing affordable self-pay rates.

Contact The Heavenly Center for the best outpatient addiction treatment in California at 855-9THCNOW.