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Luxury Sober Living Agoura

Fairview Supportive Living offers the best luxury sober living in Agoura. Our team can help you live a fulfilling and liberating life after rehab, without feeling the urge to relapse.

Who needs a sober living arrangement?

Sober living is for recovering addicts to help them heal, recover, and readjust to the external world after rehab treatment. It is also for those who have relapsed in the past after long term rehab treatment. It is essentially a living arrangement for anybody that feels insecure, tempted, or triggered in their natural environment.

Sober houses keep a constant check on you and encourage you to attend 12 step programs, therapy sessions, counseling, and support groups. Sober homes are a safe, secure, and relaxing environment which you will share with fellow recovering addicts. The ambiance, supportive people, and the house rules are certain to help you attain long-lasting sobriety and maintain it with little to no chance for relapse.

Things not to do at a sober living house

Most rehab centers expect you to adhere to their curfews, timing constraints, etc. However, if you have work or job-related commitments, you may enjoy exemptions under certain conditions. At our luxury sober living in Agoura, we follow a set of rules to maintain the structure and to help recovering addicts build a healthy routine. 

You must use the utilities, the furniture, and the appliances in the house with the utmost care and diligence. You may be asked to leave the house if the management finds you in possession of drugs or alcohol or if you fail a drug/alcohol test.

Factors that determine your period of stay at a sober house

There are several aspects to consider when determining your period of stay at a sober house. Some of them include:

  • Progress in recovery – After rehab treatment, it can take at least 3-6 months or more before you could feel fully in control of your mind, body, and soul. A treatment specialist may be the best person to review your progress in recovery from time to time and recommend an appropriate course of action.
  • Affordability – High-end sober living homes can be a bit pricier, and you may want to use your time there wisely. The sooner you can get back on your feer and make alternative living arrangements, the sooner you can leave a sober house and hence lesser the expenses. 
  • Career – You must make an active effort to figure out your career and find a stable job while you live in a sober living house. If you already have a stable job, a sober living house can probably help you deal with work-related stress and how to process it so that it doesn’t trigger a relapse.

Join our group of highly motivated and determined recovering addicts at Fairview Supportive Living and enjoy top-notch luxury sober living in Agoura. We make sure to offer the best lodging, food, and amenities as you take the time to adapt to the real world.

Luxury Sober Living Agoura