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5 Self-Compassion Techniques to Help You De-Stress

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Our approach at Good Heart Recovery is to help you learn to show yourself and others compassion. We live in an imperfect world that serves us perfectly. It’s not about being the best, it’s about seeing the best in everything we are given. Something as simple as “I am a human being. I am not going to be perfect and that is okay” can change your life if you say it enough times...

5 Defined Stages of Change

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With every raindrop that falls onto the mountain, it is further eroded and sculpted. But the mountain has no control over the rain. Sometimes it is a light drizzle and other times it is a torrential downpour. The mountain is always changing, even though it may not always be apparent on the outside...

Non-12-Step Rehab or 12-Step Program

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Learn about the general similarities and differences between a non-12-step program's approach to treatment compared to a more traditional 12-step model of recovery.

Humanistic Psychology in Addiction Treatment

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The staff at Good Heart Recovery utilize a humanistic perspective when it comes to seeing each one of you as a human being living their own lives and with their own needs. You have the ability to use this perspective when working with others and with yourself, too!

Advice for the Ghosted…

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Our Clinical Staff shares insights on how being an integral part of the Universe brings meaning to events and experience. He has found that there are only three answers the Universe has for us at all times: 1. YES, 2. Not now, 3. I have something better for you.

Hierarchy of 5 Most Important Human Needs for Your Health

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As Humans, we have many different needs and at times, it can be common draw to focus solely on a few areas and diminish our attention on others. It is important to call-back your attention to each important Need area you have.

Santa Barbara Rehab Heals Local Mental Health Providers Through K.A.R.M.A.

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Starting in October of 2017, the Good Heart Recovery team of seasoned addiction and mental health rehab providers created a free monthly event called “KARMA Wednesdays: Healing the Healers”.

Ingredients for Manifestation

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Our team shares insights on spirituality: "I am not special. Just an ordinary being living an extraordinary life due to my being in right relation with Divine Mind. This information was too much for me to hold to myself. I share these thoughts daily at Good Heart Recovery and everywhere I go each day – now they are yours to do with as you wish."

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