About Jaymee Carpenter

Jaymee Carpenter’s true name should be ‘Walking Compassion’. We would be so bold to suggest with great conviction that no one in the field of mental health and addiction has walked towards so many people struggling with pain with the measure of loving kindness and gentleness that our Co-Founder and Spiritual Director Jaymee displays each day. His ability to consistently express himself with the deepest level of authenticity gives great permission for the people he is helping to do the same. Jaymee has a reverence for life that translates effortlessly into helping others discover what gives their own life meaning and purpose. He does not see things as “right” or “wrong”, but rather seeks to define what in our lives is “creative” vs. “destructive”. Jaymee credits the last 15 years of dedicating his life to his meditation practice as the true agent behind what has allowed him to have a deeply trusting relationship between himself and his own mind. This Trust allows Jaymee to not let any chances of helping another human being get away from him. He takes risks with Love, Truth, and Curiosity that we at Good Heart have seen radically change people’s lives. Words truly are difficult to find in expressing our ceaseless gratitude for Jaymee’s work and enduring devotion to Love and Service!

Advice for the Ghosted…

Our co-founder Jaymee Carpenter shares insights on how being an integral part of the Universe brings meaning to events and experience. He has found that there are only three answers the Universe has for us at all times: 1. YES, 2. Not now, 3. I have something better for you.

Ingredients for Manifestation

Our co-founder Jaymee Carpenter shares insights on spirituality: "I am not special. Just an ordinary being living an extraordinary life due to my being in right relation with Divine Mind. This information was too much for me to hold to myself. I share these thoughts daily at Good Heart Recovery and everywhere I go each day – now they are yours to do with as you wish."

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