About Lacee Dlimore

Lacee has been working in the field of addiction for 11 years. She's has been working as the Clinical Director of Good Heart Recovery since they opened in July of 2017. As the Clinical Director, Lacee provides support for both staff and clients, helping provide them a sense of safety and understanding to facilitate their personal growth and healing. As the Clinical Director, Lacee continues to do direct client therapeutic work, as that is that part of her position that brings her the greatest joy. Lacee is passionate about working with clients through a transpersonal lense, using spirituality to explore and understand human conditions that can often contribute to substance abuse issues. It is an intention of Lacee's to model authenticity for both clients and staff, allowing them to witness the freedom that is available in being comfortable with who you truly are. She feels honored to be a part of Good Heart, a place of healing through the great gift of compassion. Her personal passion lies in her connections with others in, both in her work and personal life. She is also deeply in love with nature, meditation, learning about Native American healing traditions, her family and friends, and anything that helps others find what make their heart sing. Lacee Dilmore Instagram