Success can mean several different things to many treatment centers. Some centers consider completion of their program a success. Others consider stabilization and/or abstinence for one year after their program a success. It’s important to consider what you would like to see from yourself or your loved one when reaching a successful point in your recovery. At Good Heart Recovery, we complete a multitude of psychological assessments over the course of treatment and consider the following areas a success when someone completes our program:

  • Evidence-based progress in psychologically assessed areas of Automatic Thoughts, Self-Compassion, Clinical Anxiety, Authenticity, Loneliness, Mindfulness, Depression, and Hope
  • Completion of all appropriate levels of care or solidified continuation of care at the appropriate level following graduation from our facility
  • Continued abstinence and/or stabilization post-program completion
  • Involvement in our Alumni and Aftercare program
  • Other areas individually chosen based on each specific client