How Can I Release Control and Trust the Universe?

This month we want to share with you the reminder that you are not alone and that the Universe has your back. When we release control and begin to allow ourselves to be a co-creator of our lives, instead of the all-knowing, all-controlling force for ourselves, we begin to see that there are many aspects of our lives that are supporting us substantially more than we have been aware of.

by Courtney Tracy


Turn Towards Love

Love is all around us. And I don’t mean that in a mushy way; I mean it in a literal way. Love takes on many forms and if we turn towards Love, we can see that there’s a tendency to help, rather than hurt, in this world.

Love is caring and sharing.

If you’re in a moment where you feel the weight of stress or worry on your shoulders, step outside and observe the communion between all beings: humans, animals, plants, and elements. Notice how each of these categories of life thrive most effectively on sharing what they have and caring enough to find a balance for all who are in need. There is more good in the world than we allow ourselves space to observe. Turn towards Love and you will find it in the most unexpected places.

Love is tolerance and understanding.

The Universe has the ability to constantly remind us that we need to be tolerant of moments that shake us and willing to see the strength that remains even through the toughest of turmoil. The flower that grows from beneath the concrete and the friend or family member that you know who continues to support someone regardless of the displaced pain they are receiving onto themselves both show us that when we turn towards Love, we are releasing control and trusting that Good is on its way. Love is acceptance of the present with trust that growth is coming in the future.

Give Away That Which You Cannot Control

Many of us live in a state of constant need to have a grasp on what’s occurring within our lives. Our anxiety and fears often stem from the thought of “What is going to happen next?”. As we all understand by now, there is no sense in attempting to determine what is up next in the saga of our lives because, while we believe we are the most powerful force in our lives, we truly are just a piece of the puzzle making up each of our days.

What is Control?

Control is defined, in one way, as the “power to influence or direct behavior or the course of events”. It’s important to know that we do, in fact, play a part in our own lives, but that in addition to ourselves, there are many other Universal factors at play. Our Earth has a desire to remain balanced and its survived all these years because it has systems in place to revert back to what’s necessary when needed. Our lives hold the same course trajectory.

Enlightenment is a Release of Control

We do what we can with what we have, but we understand that everything in life is impermanent. One moment we are the happiest we’ve been in a long time and next, we receive news we hoped would never come. Trust in the Universe yields a release that even if we cannot take ourselves where we want to be, perhaps there is something or someone else out there that’s helping us without us even knowing. Trust in the Universe contributes to the faith in something greater than yourself that “we can’t always get what we want, but if we try sometimes, we just may find, we get what we need”. Give away control, you might be best served once you do.

Have Gratitude for Life

Find Gratitude

Most of us have heard of the Gratitude Lists that supposedly make you happier when completed each morning or each night, but many of us stop these practices because we become too busy in our daily lives. Finding gratitude supports your ability to be reminded that we have so much more than we give ourselves and our world credit for.


Develop an Eye for Goodness

Our minds, based on our history, have an easier ability to spot when something is “off” than when something is “on”. It’s our right to be able to change that. Goodness is “on” every moment of every day. Instead of wishing we could control the red light were stopped at, we can choose to see that this red light is creating a 30-second pause in our lives that is going to prevent a dangerous accident that we could have been in a day or a month from now. We have a choice to see that all that occurs is goodness, and it’s solely up to us to make that call. Find gratitude and trust that everything happens for a reason.

Remind Yourself Just How Far You’ve Come

Negative self-talk is a massive setback in our lives today. We’ve internalized all which we need most to rid ourselves of. Our ability to release control and trust the Universe is more easily noticeable when we forgive ourselves for our past and acknowledge our perseverance. If we do not believe we are good within, it’s hard to trust that good will come to us. When we have gratitude for both our fault and our fortitude, we feel worthy of goodness and open our lives to the possibility and acceptance of such goodness.


Remember that to Release Control
and Trust The Universe,
we shall:
Turn towards Love
Give Away that which we Cannot Control
and Find Gratitude