Utilizing the Four Elements in Daily Life

This month we want to share with you the reminder that you have natural resources all around you that can help ground you and keep you focused on the Now. The Earth provides us with boundless reminders of who we are and just how supported we can be if we allow ourselves space to see, hear, and feel the natural supports of the world.

by Courtney Tracy

What are my own Natural Resources?

How can I use them daily?


Water is all around us.
It is an extremely powerful element that has the potential to heal you in many ways.

Take a shower when you feel like you’re in an emotional and/or physical funk.

The steam of the environment will release toxins from your body and the length of time spent in a comfortable setting can settle your mind.

Remember to drink water throughout your day.

Giving your body water replenishes your internal environment and it helps your body to support you with all that occurs throughout your day from walking on a hike, to driving to work, to sharing your story with another being.

Allow yourself space to cry if you need to release sadness or Joy.

When we cry, it is said that our tears contain our stress and other toxins that are holding us back from feeling completely free. When we cry during our experience of Joy, we are helping make room for the outcome of that Joy: relief, trust, Love, and comfortability.




Earth is all around us.
Beneath our feet and creating our grounding, it can nourish and provide stability.

In moments of distress, eat foods that grow from the ground.

Fruits, vegetables, grains, and beans come from the earth and provide nutrient-rich and health-providing vitamins that help balance your body, mind, and spirit.

Spend time with your feet and hands in the sand, dirt, or grass.

Steer away from the need to remain clean and composed. As human beings, we are made to experience the beaches, the mountains, and the fields that surround us. Reminding ourselves that we are citizens of this planet, and not just our home, can expand our horizons and decrease our preconceived limitations.

Stop and smell the roses and see the beauty that the earth beholds.

With the gift of sight, we are able to appreciate the little things in life. Notice the ants working hard beneath your feet, the bees spreading pollen, creating flower fields, and the smiles and tears of beings walking the same planet as you staying strong through all the trials and tribulations we each experience.


Air is all around us.
Within our lungs and serving as the main element in our atmosphere, air provides us life.

Return to your breath for a moment if you’re feeling overwhelmed.

Mindful attention to our breath brings us back to the moment. When we are thinking about the past or worrying about the future, we forget that we are alive in the moment and we can remind ourselves of that by returning to the breath and slowing down.

Exercise, dance, twirl, run.

When we engage our body in movement, we create air movements and this can be a natural part of the process of energy and tension release. When we run or dance, the air around us feels cool and helps to regulate our internal sensations.

Play an instrument or listen to music.

Without air, we would have no sound. Listening to music or playing an instrument gives us a feeling of releasability and creativity. Musical release is frequently used throughout our lives and it’s an elemental support we can always return to.


Fire is all around us.
The power and transformative abilities of fire are always available to us.

Get outdoors and into the Sun.

The feeling of being out in the sun not only makes us feel alive, but it also helps to regulate our internal sleep and wake cycles that support our daily lives. Decrease isolation by making a point to see and feel the sunshine at least once daily.

Light a candle or candles to create a more settling mood.

Lighting a candle and becoming absorbed in the power of the flame helps us to remember our own internal light. Candles can set the mood and can allow us to find peace and serenity in places where we could otherwise feel empty or dark.

Do your own personal burn and release ceremony.

Holding onto memories or ruminating about things that did not turn out the way you wanted them to can clutter the mind and make you lose your present moment awareness. Take time to write down your thoughts and emotions, transform them with the power of fire, and feel the internal release we all need so often at times in our lives.


There are many other internal tools you can use each day:

* Meditation * Spiritual Rituals
* Eating Healthy * Inner Mantras
* Self-Affirmations * Exercise
* And more!
We sincerely hope you are doing well if you are no longer with us and wish you the best on your journey if you still are! Stay tuned for next month’s email where we will define the meaning of Spirituality and remind you how to stay on your Spiritual Path of Recovery. If you, or anyone you know is struggling with mental health or addiction issues, please feel free to reach out to us. Have a wonderful month of April!