What Are Your Internal Tools?

This month we want to share with you the reminder that you have your own internal tools that you can use whenever you find yourself in a situation that seems unmanageable, difficult, or brings up fear or sadness.

by Courtney Tracy


The Ability to Breathe

So often we forget that one of the most precious parts of our lives is that fact that we are still alive and breathing. Taking a moment to close your eyes and take three long, deep, mindful breaths can help ground you when things seem to be getting chaotic inside your mind, or outside in your world.

During each of the three breaths:

  • Take in the breath slowly and deeply, feel the air enter your lungs.
  • Take a moment to pause between the inhale and exhale, acknowledge the space between your two parts of breathing.
  • Then, slowly let the breath out and feel your lungs prepare for another inhale.

The Ability to Express Yourself

There will be times where we are unsure of how or when or why to say certain things in our lives. Often, we don’t allow ourselves the space or time to really assess what it is that we are feeling or thinking, and where those emotions and thoughts are coming from. Writing down your thoughts in a journal, drawing or creating an image of your emotions, or listening to certain songs that help remind you of yourself and your goals can be essential in identifying what’s really going on within you.

During your personal expression ritual:

  • Create a space for yourself where you can be with yourself and give yourself your full attention.
  • Set the lighting, set your intentions, and lead your activity with your heart.
  • Try not to judge yourself throughout your expression activity.
  • If you do, say to your judgment, “Thank you, but not now”.
  • Acknowledge, assess, understand, then express through love and truth.

The Ability to be Mindful

When our thoughts are racing, or perhaps we feel as though we are alone in the world, we can miss out on many of the wonderful and intelligently created parts of life.Nature, other human beings, the silence beneath the sounds, and other parts of life can go unnoticed. Remember that to give your attention to those things in life is, in fact, giving attention to the peace within yourself.

During your mindfulness practice:

  • Find objects, sounds, or sensations around you within your current area.
  • Is there a plant you never noticed, the sound of a clock in the distance, or a person in the room smiling a joyful smile?
  • Acknowledge the existence of energy and life all around you.
  • Say to yourself: “I’m not alone. I am here with each of these objects, people, and sounds. We’re all existing together, perfectly, in goodness, at all times”

There are many other internal tools you can use each day:

* Meditation * Spiritual Rituals
* Eating Healthy * Inner Mantras
* Self-Affirmations * Exercise
* And more!
We sincerely hope you are doing well if you are no longer with us and wish you the best on your journey if you still are! Stay tuned for next month’s email where we will explore The Four Elements and how they can be used each day of your life to continue your recovery! If you, or anyone you know is struggling with mental health or addiction issues, please feel free to reach out to us. Have a wonderful month of March!