Ingredients for Manifestation

by Clinical Staff

For most of my life, I thought I needed to ask permission to simply exist. I’d apologize a million times a day for simply breathing the wrong direction. The world called me ‘sensitive’, that was one of the many labels I adopted as my identity. I believed everything good in life was left up to chance, that if I were lucky enough or a good enough boy I might meet more powerful people than me who could rescue me. Well, I met plenty of powerful people who liked me and I even became a good boy after a long time of being a selfish boy and nothing changed. What I didn’t know was that those powerful people had all tapped into something I was unaware of; they were all living THEIR dream, and I needed to find my own.


Our Mind-Made Belief Systems Hold Us Back

image red skyWhat I’ve learned is that this existence is ours to dream up as our birthright, and the only limitation we face is in our own mind made belief systems. I believe every moment of the day, we’re all in a constant state of co-creation with something far bigger than any of us. Whether you call it God, the Great Spirit, Love, or simply the life energy of the Universe, it bestows human beings at any given moment the access and ability to harness the limitless power and velocity of our own imagination and materialize our deepest passions in the everyday.

Life is All In Our Mind

I’ve been lucky to have come into contact and receive teachings from many highly realized teachers of differing faiths, and you know one of the main things they’ve all had in common? They all teach that this life is ALL IN OUR MIND. Without mind, there is no way to perceive what we call life. For example, take a look around the room you are in: everything you see in that room was once an idea in someone’s mind. You are surrounded by ideas that became material. The flower pot, the table, the chair you are sitting in, the car you are driving- all originated as a vision that materialized into what we call ‘reality’. In actuality, you are not sitting in a room or a car….you are sitting in a space of which the source is unbridled imagination.

You Are An Idea

You are also an idea, an idea that (just like everything else) originated as a thought or an expression of Love. Now you (being a materialized idea) have the ability to keep this circle of life in existence by giving birth to new ideas about what you want to accomplish and the quality of life you wish to enjoy while you keep the dream of Life vibrantly alive.

Step Out Of Our Own Ideas of Limitation

You may say “Jaymee, I made a vision board. I try to think good thoughts and do good things. I am creative. Why hasn’t this happened for me?” The only way to fully allow imagination to become a Divinely charged creative force in our lives is to completely step out of our own ideas of limitation, and to forgive those who taught us to see life as limited and fostered our fear-based belief systems. Up until now we have called them by many names, but now we must find the courage to forgive them, because in truth, they are not the original authors of pain; they too are the victims of pain, caught in a cycle passed on since the beginning of time. Freeing these beings free’s ourselves, and we can then step out of the collective consciousness of suffering and lack and into new possibilities of thought and expression. The question always to ask is: “How free do I want to become in this lifetime?”

Master of Mind

Today, my life is rich and meaningful. I consider no one or nothing my enemy, especially not my mind. Today, I am the master of my mind, it is my servant, an extremely useful tool I explore, expand, enrich and enlighten. I take care of it to help others achieve their freedom. I believe anything I want to see occur will happen. In truth, much of it already has. I simply stay out of the ‘how’ or ‘when’, and leave that creative space for the Divine Artist to express Itself through me.

I am not special. Just an ordinary being living an extraordinary life due to my being in right relation with Divine Mind. This information was too much for me to hold to myself. I share these thoughts daily at Good Heart Recovery and everywhere I go each day – now they are yours to do with as you wish.