Why Does Humanistic Psychology Work in Addiction Treatment?

This month we want to share with you the reminder that you hold the ability to be just as much a Healer to others as you were to yourself on your journey of recovery. The staff at Good Heart Recovery utilize a humanistic perspective when it comes to seeing each one of you as a human being living their own lives and with their own needs. You have the ability to use this perspective when working with others and with yourself, too!

How Can You Help Others Using Humanistic Psychology?


Basic Techniques to Utilize Humanistic Psychology

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Human Consciousness

View others from the stance that each individual person is on a different level of consciousness. What you understand and perceive is likely vastly different than what they do. As is said in the Four Agreements, “Don’t take anything personally”. We’re all living our own trip. The things that people do and say only truly make sense in the light that they view their world within. Give people a chance to express themselves without it prompting an immediate response from you.

Sharing Human Perception

Instead of assessing someone and asking yourself “What is this person like?” and then moving forward with your view of them, ask yourself

“What is it like to be this person?”

Taking a subjective perception of other people allows you to see them for who they really are, and not who you are in reference to them or who they are in reference to you.

Importance of Psychological Positivity

Take a look at your actions and thought patterns and see if they flow within the basic assumption that people have a tendency and ability to grow and fulfill their potential. Are you helping to bring others towards a content life? Are you working with them to guide them towards their highest potential? Are you showing them you have faith in them?

Perceiving Human Behavior through Humanistic Psychology

Positive Self-Regard

One perspective that Good Heart Recovery’s addiction treatment team work off of is the perspective that a human being can only view themselves in a positive way if others they receive unconditional positive regard from others (The mirror effect, as some of you have been shown in our group therapy processes). People tend to move towards their full potential and grow when others believe in them and accept their process as progress and not perfection. Do you contribute to the unconditional positive regard of others around you?

Real Self versus Ideal Self

People around you are constantly feeling as though they are not good enough. You may know this feeling. Even people who put on an act of full confidence may be struggling with another person in their life who expects more and treats them poorly because of it. One of your greatest gifts as a human being is that you have all the ability in the world to be a person in their life that tells them that their Real Self is enough and great and worthy of love. Give it to them without conditions and watch how they succeed.

Basic Human Needs

Reminder that you can help others in many different ways from a small act of giving to a large action that is life-changing. We all have basic needs. If you see someone coughing around you, offer them a glass of water. If you see someone scared, ask them if they’d like you to comfort them, stand near them, or distract them. If you see you can give to another human being and you have the appropriate means to do so, do it.


Getting Curious about Other Beings

Instead of seeing others as their actions and keeping a log of how they portray themselves to be, get curious about them. Our basic assumptions of others and knowing what we know about human behavior can ideally foster a desire in us to want to learn about other people. The best way we can get to know others is by accessing their views and experiences without imposing on them what we believe or what we see.

Staying True to Humanity in our Current Society

While there are many different ways to approach others around us in today’s society, stay true to what you know makes you feel best. While we are all aware that there are difficulties in the world, major ones, such as warfare, famine, runaway greed, domestic violence, and more, we are, you are, working towards being the change you wish to see in the world (as cliche as that phrase as become, it’s true). You have the ability to contribute significantly to the improvement of people’s lives. Don’t let that power go to waste.

Good Heart Recovery’s Humanistic Approach to Addiction Treatment

Our approach simply states that everyone has free will. We can choose our actions and our behaviors. While nature certainly plays a major role in life, our ability to nurture one another can be life-changing, truly, truly life-changing. Find the uniqueness in each individual around you and show them it’s greatness.