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The Good Heart Difference
Rehab Testimonials From Clients

In the addiction industry, a sense of community and compassion is lacking. Different from many, Good Heart Recovery’s outpatient rehab acknowledges that communication, trust, balanced effort, and unconditional acceptance are a necessary part of the client/staff experience. We have sincere and valued principles that will not sway in the face of adversity. What we teach our clients, we live each day of our lives. The founders of Good Heart Recovery were reborn and entered addiction treatment as a Santa Barbara rehab with the utilization of exactly what we teach in our program to every client in every interaction at all times.


“I’d never had therapy before. I thought I’d be on drugs forever. After I lost my best friend to drugs, I was alone and desperate. Being a guy, it was hard to let my guards down. These people gave me room and were patient with me. Today, I have seven months clean when I couldn’t reach 7 days in the past. What they do works. If it can work for me, it can work for you.”

– Mark T.

“I went to a lot of different treatment centers in LA thinking that’s where the best treatment was. I couldn’t stay clean. When I found out Courtney was opening up an addiction treatment program, I moved to Santa Barbara to get clean up here because she and her team saved my life. I don’t know what else to say about them all other than I promise you they will change your life from the moment you meet them.”

– Chaney W.

“They give you a chance. They actually really care. When I’m in groups and therapy, I feel like whoever is running the group or who is personally helping me is actually listening to me, actually really cares. It’s not about anything for the staff at Good Heart other than helping me and people like me.”

– Tyler Z.

I have been struggling with opioid addiction for my entire life. With this struggle, I found myself in and out of addiction treatment centers and detoxs with no hope in sight. Every time I ended up in treatment I felt like another number going through the cookie cutter system of treatment centers with no one caring about my longevity of being sober. Finally, I found myself in the caring hands of Good Heart Recovery’s Santa Barbara rehab; with people who look at you as a human being and not just another check from the insurance companies. I have never felt so at home with the addiction specialists at Good Heart Recovery. The staff and owners truly care about the patients and give their time and understanding to each client. Good Heart Recovery has saved my life and I owe this to the amazing therapists and staff. With their guidance, I am realizing my self-worth and getting the tools and love to live an addiction-free life, not just a quick fix.”


“Thankful for Good Heart Recovery. On my journey through addiction recovery, I needed a sacred space for me to feel safe and supported. The community, staff, and ambiance of the house are the roots to the rest of my life unfolding.”

This is not another addiction treatment program, this is a family joining hands together on the road to enlightenment. We are all in the mists of growth towards a spiritual path.”
“I’m feeling great. I’m really excited about the program, especially after my second day there. I discovered a bunch about myself that I never realized in the 6 months of treatment I’ve been going through.
“I’m feeling great. I’m really excited about the program, especially after my second day there. I discovered a bunch about myself that I never realized in the 6 months of treatment I’ve been going through.”

– Kathleen W.

“I don’t know anyone who has cared for my daughter like Courtney and her team has. They have shown up for some situations when all other providers have brushed her away. They don’t give up on people. They’re truly life savers. It’s amazing and my daughter’s life has been changed, and so has mine!”

– Kat C.

Marianne Williamson
Spiritual Teacher, Lecturer and New York Times Best Selling Author

“This business is but a front for a temple, a healing place where all shall be lifted above the insanity of a frightened world. So may it be that I contribute to this healing, to this uplifting, with my efforts and my resources, And that is all I ask.”

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