Good Heart Recovery is a full service outpatient mental health and addiction treatment center located in beautiful Santa Barbara, California.

We offer multiple levels of care beginning with an all-day treatment program called Partial Hospitalization which consists of direct contact with our therapeutic staff for a full six hours each day.

Additional levels of care include an Intensive Outpatient level that serves to provide three hours of direct therapeutic contact a day and an Alumni/Outpatient level of care that lasts for one year or more and allows our clients to receive long-term stabilization and recovery through morning meditations and check-ins ongoing with their former treatment team.

Our holistic rehab program is re-envisioning the mental health and substance use industry with our intentional and one of a kind programming structure that allows clients to fully develop internal awareness and coping skills to last a lifetime.

Good Heart’s team consists of a board-certified psychiatrist, multiple doctoral and master’s level clinicians, substance use disorder counselors, and administrative staff all in long-term recovery from both substance use and mental health problems themselves. Each client receives direct individualized one-on-one sessions with the five members of their dedicated treatment team each and every week as our staff to client ratio is one staff member to every one and a half clients. Most importantly, our staff provides the care we know works as we are living proof of such impeccable success.


Read below for true insights into how and why our center is changing lives.

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The Good Heart Mission

Reenvisioning Addiction & Mental Health Outpatient Treatment


At Good Heart Recovery, our highest aim and focus is to return our clients, no matter what their circumstances may be when they arrive, to their own imagination, and to help them channel the unbridled power and creativity of their own minds for the use of good in this world. We want people to understand that healing is possible, and that they are, and always have been, innately and inherently, good.


We believe within each individual’s mind is the source of their own healing. 100% of our clients’ stories, including every heartbreak, tragedy, breakdown, set back, misstep, and every ounce of their past/current suffering, is directly transferable towards them becoming the ideal candidate to help many others step outside of their own pain. We see all who seek help not as sick people, but as future healers arriving to have what is broken, blessed.


We believe the minds of our clients are good minds that simply need redirection and refocus, to think more of others, and dream up ideal lives for themselves, beyond the confines of diagnosis, illness, or the harmful stories of the past. We believe every human being possesses an endless stream of overlooked or underutilized possibilities. Not a single moment of any life needs to be wasted if one can only recognize the immense value of their story. We serve to take on such profound tasks with each of our clients.


Our center believes in the parallel process, where counselors and clients do therapeutic work together as an exchange of truths, as souls rather than roles. We remain humble and teachable as staff to learn from the great wisdom of our clients and their experiences. Feelings, emotions, pain, and joy are all shared as active ingredients in the recipe for long-term, real, human, lasting recovery.


Good Heart Recovery is not only an addiction and mental health treatment center, it is a movement of the highest calling and intention to reduce suffering in the world, and to introduce our clients to their true selves. It is our humblest intention to provide healing for all who seek to know themselves beyond who they’ve been, or who the world has told them they are. If you can imagine to the depth of your core in your healing, and trust those assigned to you to bring you back to health, healing is possible.

Dr. Carl R. Rogers, PhD

Founder of Humanistic Psychology


“In my early professional years I was asking the question: How can I treat, or cure, or change this person? Now I would phrase the question in this way: How can I provide a relationship which this person may use for his own personal growth?”

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Why Good Heart Recovery?

Revolutionary Addiction Outpatient Program to Revolutionize You


Good Heart Recovery is a revolutionary offering towards the way we as a society not only treat addiction and mental health disorders, but how we begin to heal the stigma associated with them as well. We are a humanistic, positive, and emotion-focused program unlike anything else available in the field to date and our program taps into many of the untouched causes and effects of mental illness and addiction that are usually unacknowledged by other treatment centers.

We never offer any form of treatment to our clients which we have not worked with and are now living in the positive results of. We have countless positive client outcomes and encourage you to read some of the unaltered, 100% real testimonials written by former Good Heart Recovery clients.


Within our walls are some of the most inspiring, creative minds in the field of addiction and mental health, all operating at the highest of their abilities and professionalism. Our CEO is a doctorate level clinician who has researched the scientific and proven benefits of the program we run at Good Heart Recovery and our exceptional collection of healers have created a space for our clients to feel safe to explore the depths of emotionality and vulnerability using the methods proven most beneficial from their own practices. We show up as equal to our clients, ready to share our gained, honest, and collective experiences in working with the mind, body, spirit, pain, mental illness, and addiction. At Good Heart, we as staff direct our collective efforts not only into creating sober, clear-minded individuals with compassionate hearts, but towards creating a more welcoming and stable future for the entire community.


Each and every client of Good Heart Recovery is assigned a six person individual treatment team: A Master’s level primary therapist, a Master’s level clinical case manager, a psychospiritual counselor, a Board-certified physician and psychiatrist, a Master’s level family therapist, and a Doctoral level psychological analyst. Our clients do not get lost in a crowded treatment population. Our eyes, ears, hearts, minds, and intentions are always set on our clients and their care comes first, no matter what.


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Good Heart Clients Say

“I am a graduate client of Good Heart Recovery. This place has, literally, saved my life. I can’t seem to describe how much the counselors and therapists and fellow clients have helped me recover. The medicine and holistic services offered are beyond comparison. No other recovery center or rehab or sober living has ever worked for me the way Good Heart Recovery has healed my mental and emotional and spiritual suffering. Everyone here is kind and great and wise and intelligent.”
“Calling this place a recovery center is an understatement. Not only did they help me become intune with myself, they provided me with endless ability’s to help me grow in every aspect. Hands down the best treatment center I’ve been to. They have given me my family, friends, self-confidence, and life skills back! Never once did they pass judgment, they guided me through it all. I was provided life-changing therapists who I now refer to as my angels.”
“This review is for the parents who are scared for their kids lives. This place SAVED my son. After going to almost every treatment center in Santa Barbara, this one finally worked. He reached a year sober for the first time in his life and is who I always knew he was. Their approach is a breath of fresh air and I trust them with everything. They know what they are doing and my son is proof of it. Recovery is really here.
I could not imagine a better place to receive addiction treatment than Good Heart Recovery. The staff is second to none, and the treatment is personalized and helpful. I have not experienced the same results with any other form of counseling or treatment, and would recommend Good Heart to anyone seeking help with addiction. They are truly a place of healing, love, and compassion. They place client care above all and advocate for you or your family member.


Having treated over thousands of cases and individuals, our team is experienced in the many different presentations of pain and suffering that accumulate over the years due to mental illness and substance abuse.



Good Heart Recovery holds numerous memberships, certifications, and accreditations ensuring our commitment to the highest quality of care.


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