Outpatient Treatment in Santa Barbara CA


At Good Heart Recovery, we offer comprehensive Santa Barbara outpatient treatment to handle even the more advanced addiction stages. To achieve long-term outcomes, we use a unique rehab method that includes in-depth psychiatric treatment, life coaching, and personal growth assistance.


How does outpatient program work?

Our outpatient alcohol and drug addiction treatment in Santa Barbara functions on a different level compared to other recovery programs. Rather than focusing on the symptoms, we address the causes of your disorder and seek the best treatment for the ideal outcome.

To provide long-term benefits, we offer:

  • Understanding and compassion – Our Compassion-Based Methods program promotes inter-personal reflections, inner acceptance, and parallel healing as tools to discover your true life’s purpose.
  • Mental and spiritual growth – Your mind is your most prolific weapon against unwanted thoughts and cravings. Our program of Santa Barbara drug rehab and nearby alcohol rehab incorporates many disciplines promoting mental stability and spiritual growth.
  • Therapeutic care – Our Evidence-Based Psychological Care is an integral part of the relapse prevention mechanism, providing relevant effects even years after completing the rehab treatment.
  • Mental health support – Co-occurring disorders are common with addiction victims, especially in the more severe stages. Our alcoholism and addiction treatment offers Mental Health Services to help you cope with co-occurring issues and provide long-term relief and comfort. Studies show that dual-diagnosis treatment is effective at preventing post-treatment relapse even years later.
  • Aftercare and social reintegration – Any relevant addiction and substance abuse treatment in Santa Barbara, CA, needs comprehensive aftercare support. Our Alumni program focuses on social reintegration, career development, personal growth, family therapy, etc., to build the foundation for a new life.


Is outpatient rehab treatment effective?

Outpatient treatment, which focuses on relapse recovery, relapse prevention, and lifestyle rebuilding, has long-term advantages. It is the most reliable strategy for overcoming addictive behavior and laying the groundwork for a clean, healthy life in the long run. Inpatient therapy, on the other hand, is a more thorough kind of rehabilitation that uses medicine, therapies, and counselling to retrain the addicted brain, eliminate withdrawal, and avoid relapse in the near term.

While inpatient rehab is the most effective form of treatment short-term, it fails to deliver lasting results over the years. This is where IOP comes in. Our Santa Barbara rehab centers use outpatient program to build a long-term recovery and management strategy. Completing our outpatient rehab treatment will allow you to:

  • Control your thoughts and emotions
  • Limit your cravings
  • Become more positive and responsible
  • Grow more confident and determined to change your life
  • Expand your knowledge on addiction, relapse, and prevention strategies
  • Work towards a better career and family life
  • Learn new hobbies, etc.

You will learn how to enjoy life again without the use of artificial stimulants at our Santa Barbara rehab center. If you require immediate treatment, we invite you to enroll in our Santa Barbara outpatient program immediately! Contact Good Heart Recovery to check your insurance and speak with one of our counsellors about your problems! We can tailor a recovery plan to your specific goals and requirements and assist you in rebuilding your life from the ground up.