Oxnard detox centers

Choosing the best recovery program from among so many Oxnard detox centers can be time-consuming and difficult, especially if it’s your first time needing addiction treatment services. If you’re confused about abbreviated options, such as IOP, MAT, PHP, and DD, you’re not alone; Good Heart Recovery can keep you from making a serious mistake when selecting a program to help you find healing from addiction. Get in touch with our staff today by phone or through our website if you have questions about the recovery process– we’re here to help.

6 Reasons to Call an Addiction Recovery Helpline

1. Sometimes it can be comforting to hear a friendly voice on the other end of the line- especially if you feel judged by those close to you for having made some bad choices in life. When you call Good Heart Recovery at 805-876-9527, your information will be kept confidential and there is no obligation to check-in to treatment.

2. If you’re having a difficult time choosing between programs, you can reach an expert who can assess your situation and make professional recommendations. You may need to spend time in one of the local Oxnard detox centers, step down to IOP, or stay connected through aftercare services. Good Heart Recovery is here to help you make the right decision.

3. If you’ve recently relapsed after going through rehab, you may feel like all hope is lost; that’s not the case though. Statistics show that most recovering addicts relapse at least once during their recovery journey, but it doesn’t have to become an impediment in your path to wellness. Good Heart Recovery can get you back on track to ensure you reach your goals.

4. Do you need help understanding your health care benefits? You can verify your coverage over the phone when you call one of the Oxnard detox centers near you. Knowing how much your insurance plan will pay can be very comforting while you go through recovery. Call 805-876-9527 now for an insurance benefits check.

5. Stress and anxiety that comes from making promises that others are expecting you to keep can take a huge toll on your health. If you’ve been meaning to get help for an addiction to alcohol or drugs but keep putting it off, a call to Good Heart Recovery can give you and those around you a sense of peace. Why not call today to find out more about our programs?

6. You’ll also experience a tremendous sense of relief from finally taking matters in-hand and reaching out for help regarding your addiction. When recreational drug use or weekend drinking start to become a problem, you and your loved ones can sense that things are not right. The longer you wait, the worse things will become; calling our helpline today can let you and everyone else breathe a sigh of relief.

Call Good Heart Recovery right now at 805-876-9527- don’t wait; we can get you settled in our program today if you’re ready to make a change for the better. Our programs are proven to be very effective in treating addiction and accompanying mental illness.

Oxnard detox centers