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Close to half a million Texas residents suffer from an addiction to illicit substances. The number of people suffering from substance abuse statewide increases when you consider alcoholics and those dependent upon prescription drugs. If you or someone you love is battling an addiction to drugs or alcohol in the Lone Star State, we here at Great Oaks Recovery Center can lend a helping hand. 

Why Great Oaks Recovery Center?

At Great Oaks Recovery Center, we are willing to work with anyone who is ready to embrace the help being offered to them. Through the mutual commitment of our staff and our clients, we ensure everyone who enters our clinic has the best shot at rehabilitation and permanent sobriety. 

One of the things that make Great Oaks Recovery Center so unique is the location of our clinic. We are located just 45 minutes outside of Houston. But despite the clinic’s proximity to the city, it sits on 50-acres of beautiful Texas country, offering the serenity and scenic surroundings of rural Texas. This allows our residents to free themselves from the stress of city life during their recovery.

At Great Oaks Recovery Center, we offer perhaps the widest range of recovery programs of any rehabilitation clinic in the state. Furthermore, we promise personalized treatment plans for each client to complement our broader rehabilitation techniques. 

Finally, we are a fully-accredited rehab center and accept most major insurance carriers. This allows us to treat virtually everyone who needs our help, regardless of their financial situation.

Programs Available

In many cases, our clients start out with our detoxification program. This program is dedicated to weaning an addicted individual off their drug of choice. Those enrolled in our detoxification program are provided with a safe and therapeutic environment in which they can spend the withdrawal period. Supervision is provided by highly-qualified medical personnel. These addiction specialists will provide support throughout the withdrawal period, guiding residents through what is arguably the most challenging portion of rehab.

For clients who have developed a severe chemical dependency, we offer a residential program. Residential clients remain in our care for the duration of their treatment. This allows our staff to provide them with round-the-clock assistance. During their stay at Great Oaks Recovery, residential clients will attend both group and individual therapy sessions. They will also have the option to attend additional educational and spiritual courses to help them prepare for living drug-free outside our doors. 

The mission of Great Oaks Recovery Center is to help addicted individuals overcome their addictions and achieve sobriety that lasts a lifetime. To achieve this, we place former residents on our Continuing Care plan. The specifics of the Continuing Care program will vary from client to client. However, all are provided with a comprehensive relapse prevention plan. This is complemented by monthly phone calls, Recovery Renewal weekends, and a variety of alumni events to further reduce the chances of a relapse.

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Great Oaks Recovery Center is proud to be one of the top-rated rehab centers in Texas. Our greatest joy is helping an addicted individual overcome their substance abuse and begin a life that is sustainable and rewarding. Allow us to help you or your loved one on the journey to sobriety today.


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