Rehab in Oxnard CA


Every Oxnard rehab has its own program that its staff feels is best for treating addiction. At Good Heart Recovery, we rely on tried-and-proven programs, therapies, and treatment options that lead patients to further along the path to recovery toward the prize of achieving lifelong freedom from addiction. We’ve seen first-hand how our programs enable our patients to make lasting changes that work to overcome addictions and mental health issues. If you’re ready to take the first step in your journey, contact admissions at 805-242-2175.


5 Reasons Good Heart Recovery Might Be Perfect for Your Recovery Process

  1. If you need a safe place to detox, you’ll find our recovery center can offer you comfort and compassion while you heal from addiction. Going through detox withdrawals alone can be a scary experience; however, you’re not alone when you choose Good Heart Recovery as your Oxnard rehab. We’ll be with you every step of the way, while you overcome the physical and mental ties that keep you bound to your addiction. When you leave our detox program, you’ll have more clarity and confidence in the choice you made to get clean and sober.
  2. Knowing that someone is there for you 24-hours a day can make residential treatment at Good Heart Recovery a comforting experience. Choosing our inpatient programs will give you exclusive advantages over an outpatient program; if our recovery specialists think inpatient treatment is best, you’ll have access to:
  • Around the clock supervision during detox
  • Upscale, comfortable accommodations
  • A recovery community to share milestones with
  • On-site meals
  • Therapy sessions
  • Life skills training
  • Family weekends/family therapy
  • Experiential therapies that make recovery more enjoyable
  1. IOP for patients who have completed detox and inpatient treatment or are not severely addicted. If you’re seeking IOP for yourself or someone close to you, get in touch with our Oxnard rehab to learn about amenities and benefits to choosing our program. Outpatient addiction treatment can make recovery possible for patients who are unable to make a long-term commitment to rehab.
  2. We proudly offer mental health services at Good Heart Recovery because studies have clearly shown that mental health issues very often prevent addicts from achieving long-term success in treatment. Our program addresses trauma, anxiety, depression, PTSD, bipolar disorder, and other mental illnesses that can keep you chained to your addiction.
  3. Having an aftercare plan in place is crucial to lasting recovery from addiction to alcohol and drugs. After completing our program at Good Heart Recovery, we’ll continue to provide support and a structured environment that will allow you to obtain work, continue with your education, prevent relapse, and stay connected with the tools and team that brought you through rehab.


You can learn more about all of our programs and therapies at Good Heart Recovery by contacting our admissions team at 805-242-2175; your call is confidential. Can you think of one reason to delay your recovery when all of the resources you need to succeed are available today from our recovery center?