Rehab in Santa Maria CA


What does it feel like to check in to a Santa Maria rehab? When you choose Good Heart Recovery as your treatment center, recovery feels like coming home. You don’t have to go on pretending everything is okay or that addiction is not destroying your life and everything around you. We understand what you’re going through at Good Heart Recovery- we’ve been there ourselves. Our programs are designed to take you through the entire recovery process, from detox to aftercare, with relapse prevention as a focus. You can beat addiction with help from our recovery specialists.


5 Things You Can Expect to Experience in a Santa Maria Rehab

  1. You can leave all pretenses behind you and open up to others in a way you never thought possible. There’s no hiding from the fact that you’re addicted to drugs or alcohol once you’ve committed to a recovery program. That realization can be very liberating to patients at Good Heart Recovery. Imagine what it would feel like to finally be totally honest with everyone in your life- including yourself.
  2. You may have thought of detox as a painful and uncomfortable process, but the fact is, when you choose a reputable Santa Maria rehab, you’ll be safe and comfortable throughout detox, even during the most intense withdrawals. You don’t have to fear detox at Good Heart Recovery; our program has a high rate of success.
  3. If you choose a residential treatment program, you’ll be given access to comfort amenities and luxury perks that are meant for your enjoyment. A few such incidentals may include gourmet meals, adventure activities, and relaxing programs and therapies, like yoga, swimming, or equine therapy. Inquire about our rehab’s amenities when you reach out to Good Heart Recovery, the best Santa Maria rehab.
  4. As you prove your faithfulness in abstaining from drugs or alcohol, you’ll be given more and more freedom over time in rehab. Once you’ve completed detox and an inpatient program, you’ll be given the option of staying connected through a step-down program, like Good Heart Recovery’s outpatient program. Aftercare services make lifelong recovery from addiction a reality for patients.
  5. Expect to make lasting friendships and relationships during addiction treatment. The bonds formed in rehab often last a lifetime; in fact, they’re in important step in recovery. Take full advantage of everything our Santa Maria rehab has to offer you by calling Good Heart Recovery right now at 805-876-9527. You don’t have to wait another day to begin healing from an addiction.


When you contact our treatment center, be sure to request insurance benefits check to find out how much your coverage will pay for recovery services. You may be surprised to learn that your health insurance plan could pay for your entire time spent at Good Heart Recovery.

Treatment plans can differ widely from one rehab to the next; research our detox, residential, and IOP programs on our website to learn more about our Santa Maria rehab- or get in touch with us by phone.