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Residential Treatment Center Los Angeles

If you have problems with drug addiction or alcoholism, contact us, at Manifest Recovery Centers, immediately! We can stop substance addiction and bring your life back to normal fast and effective. We advise you to refrain from resorting to any type of self-detox because of the risk coming with it. Most patients avoid looking for a professional rehab center either due to shame or because they fear the withdrawal.

There’s no reason for that. We invite you to our residential treatment center in Los Angeles to enjoy the benefits of one of the most effective and detailed rehab treatments in the industry! Whether you require 24/7 care, or you can safely join the outpatient support program, you will go through a variety of clinical and restorative rehab procedures.

For a complete and well-rounded rehab experience, the rehab process includes:

Targeted clinical detoxification – After performing an in-depth clinical assessment, our doctors will put you on a personalized medication plan that will provide immediate benefits. The priority is to stabilize your cognitive functioning and behavior, and allow your body to flush out the toxins and begin the regenerative process. To increase the effectiveness of the detox process, we advise you to join the inpatient program to allow our experts a higher degree of control and support.

Dual-Diagnosis treatment and therapy – Co-occurring disorders are common conditions among the majority of the victims of substance addiction. The more the disease progresses, the higher the chance it will trigger additional mental disorders along the way. We offer medication and psychotherapeutic support to counter these illnesses, diminish the symptoms, and provide you with long-term stability.

Behavioral therapies – Behavioral and cognitive psychotherapies are at the heart of any high-end rehab treatment. While medication is useful in dealing with the symptomatology and preventing the short-term relapse, our advanced psychotherapies take the treatment to the next phase – mental restoration. Thanks to procedures like CBT, DBT, Contingency Management or Motivational Interviewing, you will become more stable, confident, self-aware, and positive. All these are vital components of a survivor’s mindset.

Emotional healing – Emotional trauma and grief rank high among the main triggers for substance addiction. People drown their sorrows in chemical abuse, thinking it will wipe their problems clean. At that point, addiction waits just around the corner. It’s imperative to heal the emotional wounds that may one day cause you to relapse, and the EMDR is just one of the procedures that will help you with that.

Aftercare support – The aftercare program is critical for ensuring a fruitful and healthy journey of self-discovery and psychological maturity. We want you to remain sober for good, which means we’ll use all the weapons in our arsenal to provide you with the assistance you deserve. The Telehealth program allows you to connect with our counselors via a virtual platform and continue the psychotherapies from a distance.

Join us, at Manifest Recovery Centers, and visit our residential treatment center in Los Angeles today! We’re ready to change your life for good. Are you ready?

Residential Treatment Center Los Angeles

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Residential Treatment Center Los Angeles

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