Santa Barbara Alcohol Treatment

At Good Heart Recovery, we know that alcoholism is among the world’s most dangerous chronic disorders. Our Santa Barbara alcohol treatment offers immediate results with long-term effects in even the most severe cases. To combat alcohol addiction effectively, you need to join our rehabilitation program fast.

Deal with alcohol addiction effectively

To counter alcoholism, we have designed a unique treatment based on a holistic approach. Our rehab treatment reflects every one of our patients’ unique needs, allowing us to provide immediate relief and forge a path to long-term sobriety. To achieve the best results, we rely on three treatment strategies, encompassing several compelling procedures. These are:

1. Substance Abuse Treatment

It offers us the tools to deal with substance addiction via:

  • Compassion-Based Interventions – All victims of addiction need compassion and understanding to overcome the difficult times they’re navigating.
  • Mindfulness-Based Clinical Practices – Meditation and self-awareness help our patients grow mentally and spiritually, allowing them to shape their thought patterns.
  • Evidence-Based Psychological Care – We only employ evidence-based psychotherapies like Motivational Interviewing, DBT, CBT, or Problem-Solving Therapy, to deal with both visible and hidden psychological issues.
  • Person-Centered Medical Model – Our medical team designs customized treatment plans based on our unique physiological profile.

2. Mental Health Services

All victims of addiction deal with various forms and degrees of co-occurring disorders. Here we include conditions like PTSD, anxiety, depression, and bipolar disorder. Our Santa Barbara alcohol treatment diagnoses and treats co-occurring disorders as triggers of addiction. That is because alcoholism never comes alone or unprovoked.

In most cases, individuals seek refuge in alcohol addiction from trauma or other mental health issues, which only worsens their conditions in the long-run. Without dealing with these problems during treatment, we set the stage for rehab failure, as most recovering addicts relapse over the years.

Thanks to our comprehensive Mental Health Services, we minimize the risk of relapse, eliminate the causes of addiction, and correct our patients’ behavior and thinking patterns.

3. Aftercare Plan

The Aftercare Plan sets the stage for a complete lifestyle overhaul. We combine the Alumni Program with a well-rounded aftercare strategy to help you:

  • Get a better job
  • Finish your educational endeavors
  • Become a valuable member of your community
  • Find purpose in life
  • Build a potent relapse prevention plan
  • Grow psychologically, intellectually, and spiritually
  • Develop a crisis management plan
  • Enroll in the Family Connection Program, etc.

All these strategies will serve towards building a sober and more fulfilling lifestyle over the years.

The most effective alcohol treatment

Our Santa Barbara alcohol treatment uses many disciplines to achieve the optimal outcome when it comes to combating addiction effectively. We have a team of clinicians, health workers, psychologists, and life coaches ready to assist you in all aspects of life.

At Good Heart Recovery, our philosophy is simple – with proper guidance and support, everybody can quit the addiction. Contact us today! When dealing with aggravated alcohol addiction, you will have multiple milestones to overcome, and the first one is admitting your problem. Everything else is easier after that.