Santa Barbara Mental Health Services
Find out how Santa Barbara mental health services at Good Heart Recovery can help you finally beat addiction, even if you’ve been through a treatment program in the past without good results. Our outpatient program combined with mental health care has much better results than addiction treatment, alone.

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Trauma Treatment Programs

Trauma and Beyond Center

14156 Magnolia Blvd. Suite 101
Sherman Oaks

Consider looking into the benefits of trauma treatment programs at Trauma & Beyond when looking for effective programs that can lead to healing. If you’re suffering from traumatic event memories, our holistic approach to healing includes CBT, EMDR, art therapy, and many additional treatment options, including tele-therapy. Trauma and Beyond Center

Bipolar Residential Treatment Centers California

Alter Behavioral Health – Mental Health Treatment Center

Searching for and finding bipolar residential treatment centers in California can be a daunting task; with so few inpatient facilities open, your choices are limited. Alter Behavioral Health can offer the care and treatment you or a loved one needs to find a lasting solution to bipolar disorder and enjoy a better quality of life.

Mental Health Facility Florida

Emerge Recovery Center

1105 N Federal Highway
Boynton Beach

You don’t have to check in to a mental health facility in Florida to get help for depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, or PTSD; Emerge Recovery’s at-home program Nisan excellent choice when you need help dealing with mental illness. Whether your condition is associated with addiction or is merely disrupting your life, our program can help. Emerge Recovery Center

Christian Treatment Centers Newport Beach

Christian Drug and Alcohol Treatment
(855) 623-2328

Our Christian treatment centers Newport Beach combine medical treatments with spiritual healing, emphasizing support with a 12-step spiritual program that can help improve your path to further recovery. Learn more about us calling today. We can give you information and resources about  our classes, counseling and therapeutic consultation.

Treatment Centers In Austin

Omega Recovery
512-456-9373 i

See why Omega Recovery is one of the most reputable treatment centers in Austin when you reach out to our admission staff with your questions. We’re here for you any time of the day or night, whether you’re ready to take the first step toward wellness or you just want more information about our programs.

Drug Rehab Austin TX

Quantum Recovery Services

If you dread interviewing another drug rehab in Austin, Quantum Recovery can to the legwork for you and help you find a treatment center with personalized treatment to meet your needs. We know the right questions to ask as well as tips for getting our clients into recovery immediately; call our office to get started.

Alcohol Recovery Stories

Lionrock Recovery

621 East Campbell Ave #17
(800) 258-6550

Alcohol recovery stories show a strong correlation between extended treatment after residential care and long-term recovery from addiction. You can stay connected to the support you need without having to go to meetings on the other side of town. Lionrock Recovery's online outpatient programs really work- check us out. Lionrock Recovery