The ‘Good Heart’ Community

Humanistic. Emotion-Focused. Evidence-Based. Holistic.

Our emotion-focused drug and alcohol rehab center based in Santa Barbara feels like a home rather than a clinical environment. For so long, vulnerability and gentleness have been viewed as weaknesses, but the tides have dramatically begun turning in the collective consciousness as these states of being are being widely valued, recognized globally as profound strengths and assets one can possess. What we’ve found, over and over again in our personal lives and working within the field of mental health and drug and alcohol treatment, is that both of these issues stem from human beings lacking the ability to express themselves from an emotional standpoint at defining moments, or from the suppression of authenticity over the duration of many years. Our goal as a Santa Barbara rehab center is to consistently model authenticity towards our clients by being ourselves, which gives them permission to be themselves, perhaps for the first time in their lives.

Our ‘Good Heart’ community consists of our founders, clinical management, mental health therapists, substance abuse counselors, administrative staff, clients, alumni, and community healers that all come together in our outpatient program each weekday to share with one another lessons, heartbreak, joy, success stories, growth and life skills, friendship, and a forever bond with each other and themselves. We laugh, we cry, we talk it out, and most of all, we forgive and we grow. Our community in our outpatient rehab is the most effective environment in the field of mental health and addiction treatment that we have seen within the combined 75 years we have been working in this field. We find through our widely underused approach that our clients symptoms dramatically decrease in their time with us, and they find meaning and purpose in their lives to move forward and create a life for themselves that once was unimaginable. During our admissions process, we typically invite parents, loved ones, and potential clients to come and experience our community first-hand because as you will see in our recent client comments “Words cannot describe it. You have to come experience it yourself.”

Tour Testimonials
“I’m a Santa Barbara local and my daughter was suffering from alcoholism and severe depression and my therapist told me about Good Heart Recovery after I didn’t know where else to turn. I looked it up online and once I came to tour this mental health facility, I knew this was the right place for my daughter. She actually ended up coming to Good Heart and she’s the most stable I’ve ever seen her. I recommend touring this place. It’s beautiful, it’s serene, and it’s so different than anywhere else.
Santa Barbara Alcohol Treatment
For the first time, I walked into a place that felt like they truly cared about me and my family. The entire clinical management team took time to meet me and my husband. I felt at home. Touring places can feel repetitive and very medical. This place felt safe, comfortable, and secure. We ended up choosing Good Heart over other places in California because they not only choose their staff very carefully, but they evaluate the client community daily and do everything they can to keep it safe.”
“My parents were worried about me and sending me to another rehab after several failed attempts. They asked me what I thought was wrong the other times. I said I felt like the rehab didn’t acknowledge me as an individual. Touring Good Heart, I’d never been asked more questions about who I was as a person, in a good way. I wasn’t even a client yet and they cared so much about me already. They just keep caring, way before your treatment, during it, and forever after. It’s pretty amazing.


A beautifully healing place to find yourself & start your life

The city of Santa Barbara and the surrounding neighborhoods are home to 100% of our staff members. From the beautiful Santa Ynez mountains to the shining Pacific Ocean, Santa Barbara is considered “the American Riviera”. We take pride on being a successful healing center in this city and believe we have been able to do so by being purely motivated by the culture, the vibe, and the holistic intentions of such a city. Santa Barbara holds a massive recovery community with over 250 recovery meetings a week for individuals recovering from various mental health issues, alcohol use, drug use, and other concerns.

Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, Refuge Recovery, SMART Recovery, and more are available every day of the week. Santa Barbara is an easily walkable town with many options for relocation including local sober livings, entry-level employment opportunities, a local city college, public transportation, and outdoor activities to keep stability and abstinence healthy and fun.

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