Santa Maria Addiction Treatment

Santa Maria addiction treatment looks different to every patient; a customized recovery program is essential for favorable results during rehab. If you’ve been through a Santa Maria rehab only to relapse or are tired of living the cycle of addiction, Good Heart Recovery is here for you. Call our 24-hour helpline now to speak with someone who can offer professional advice on how to get the help you need to break free from addiction. Every addiction is treatable, no matter the circumstances.

3 Quality Programs Offered at Good Heart Recovery

1. We have an exceptional detox program available in our Santa Maria rehab. Most addicts will have to undergo detox, and it’s best to do so surrounded by a compassionate team of experts who can make comfort amenities and resources available to you. As you interview and research top rehab centers in your area, please keep Good Heart Recovery in mind when you’re looking for a safe place to detox. Contact us with any questions or check our website’s FAQs for more information.

Not every drug and alcohol rehab offers detox services; at Good Heart Recovery, we believe it’s important to not only provide detox, but also to make it possible for patients to experience a smooth transition out of detox and into a good program.

2. As one of the most reputable alcohol and drug rehabilitation centers in the region, Good Heart Recovery has a residential treatment program that is rated among the best in the state. We know how important it is to make long-term recovery services available to those patients who are able to commit to an overnight stay in recovery.

While browsing out website, you’ll find a list of amenities listed under the ‘Inpatient Programs’ heading, which will help you better understand what we have to offer you when you choose our facility for Santa Maria addiction treatment. Feel free to reach out to our staff if you have additional questions.

3. It has become evident in recent years that most addicts are dealing with at least one form of mental illness, such as PTSD, trauma, depression, or anxiety. Treating mental illness alongside of addiction is a proven effective method of overcoming addiction. At Good Heart Recovry, we offer mental health services to enhance your recovery and help you avoid a relapse.

Find out more about our mental health outpatient center on our website or connect with us through our 24-hour addiction helpline at 805-876-9527.

To verify your health insurance benefits, get in touch with our admissions team today; have your plan’s details at-hand when you call or message us. An insurance benefits check is a crucial part of the rehab interview process, and could save you a lot of money during your stay at Good Heart Recovery if you should choose us for addiction treatment.

Call today to begin healing from addiction; taking the first step is not as hard as you may think. Recovery specialists await your phone call and will encourge you without being judgmental.

Santa Maria Addiction Treatment