Good Heart Recovery has reserved beds at a local and affiliated co-ed sober living facility. Good Heart Recovery and Recovery Santa Barbara align in the ideals of utilizing spirituality, each client’s individual strengths, and a community bonding experience to teach clients how to “live sober” versus simply living in a sober living. Recovery Santa Barbara’s sober living home is located in the desired Downtown Neighborhood, accessible to SBCC, State Street, a contracted gymnasium, and so much more. It is an all-inclusive sober living environment which offers an on-site manager, weekly drug testing, fitness & health opportunities, supplied staples food and nutrition guidance, and community supports.


Recovery Santa Barbara’s Sober Living House

“The difference between sober living and living sober is really learning how to have a quality life that involves all different aspects including education, employment, spirituality, relationships with yourself and with others … to teach you how to live. There are certain life skills that are a necessity for anyone trying to find a different way to live.”

Santa Barbara Detox

Courtney Tracy, MSW, ACSW
Co-Founder and CEO

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