Our Sober Living Home in Santa Barbara, CA


Good Heart Recovery works with several local sober living homes in Santa Barbara and have found that individuals who enroll in both our program and a sober living program experience additional benefits and an easier transition into long-term recovery. We can recommend several sober livings in the Santa Barbara community geared towards recovery. See below for more details.

  • Increased Likelihood of Sustained Stabilization
  • 24/7 Sober Community Support
  • Life Skill Development
  • Safe Environment When Not In Programming
  • Guidance Towards Improved Physical Health
  • Increased Meeting Attendance


For people suffering from a substance use disorder, sober living homes, a type of recovery residence, can provide important and lasting help. People who participate in sober living homes in Santa Barbara agree to maintain their sobriety and to be drug tested on a regular basis.  Residents have the advantage of living in a safe and supportive environment. Living in a Santa Barbara sober living home is a way to remove oneself from the triggers an individual might encounter in their familiar environments.

Residents in a Santa Barbara sober living home can focus on gaining the skills and tools they’ll need for long-term recovery. Individuals who live in a sober living house also gain access to a social support system. Sober living homes in Santa Barbara frequently provide resources to help clients avoid relapse and enhance their post-graduation success.

While staying in his sober living home in Santa Barbara, you can expect opportunities to attend 12 step programs and therapy, and depending on your specific needs, assistance with life skill development such as employment searches and educational opportunities.  Forging friendships with like-minded peers who will continue to assist reaffirm your desire to stay sober is a key benefit of a sober living environment. Unfortunately, many patients feel agonizing solitude when they come home from inpatient therapy. Many people believe it is vital to keep their distance from friends and family in order to avoid potential triggers and relapse. A sober living home offers a support structure that not only helps residents avoid isolation, but also creates an environment of greater assistance during the early and sometimes vulnerable stages of recovery and beyond.