Any and all reductive and positive changes to one’s substance use are valuable. Helping people change their addiction behaviors is a step towards a new future. There are some individuals where abstinence is the goal based on personal consequences of their usage; for others, reducing the harm caused by the use of substances can at times pragmatically and effectively change their lives.



In order to determine whether or not a program leading to full abstinence or harm reduction is acceptable, we stand by the notion that all clients, while in treatment, should abstain from all mind-altering substances. This period of abstinence provides time, space, and the energy necessary for the mind, body, and spirit to cleanse itself and bring forth the underlying problems that led to one’s addiction.

In order to address the desire to avoid pain and suffering and the drive to seek only pleasure, a period of abstinence creates an ability to truly absorb the techniques one can use to recover. Meditation, learning life skills, resolving past hurts, and unlearning old patterns of coping can only be done when one is in a clear, healthy, and balanced state of mind. Our goal is to have every client who graduates from our program understand and have control over their attachment to the substances that brought them to us. Furthermore, we encourage as long of a period of abstinence as is necessary to resolve any and all causes of one’s addictive behavior.

Arthur C. Evans Jr. PhD
CEO of the American Psychological Association

“If our goal is to promote health and reclaim lives, then we must understand the direct and sometimes circuitous paths through which individuals and families achieve and sustain health. We must meet each individual and family with fresh eyes in every encounter with a belief that each encounter is an opportunity for movement, no matter how small, towards health and wholeness.”

Relapse Prevention

Our focus regarding relapse prevention is to consistently and openly encourage clients to share about their cravings and attachments to people, places, and things. Our experiential group therapies, individual psychotherapy modalities, and spiritual guidance are rooted in mindfulness, honesty, and the client’s ability to ask for help.

Individualized Programs

We connect with each individual to better understand what is required for their personal recovery, whatever that may look like, while also providing day-to-day foundational tools for their long-term success.

“There should be an opportunity to give abstinence a chance because what that does for somebody is it gives them space to get to know themselves, really truly get to know themselves. We can’t do that when we are on drugs and alcohol. So, it creates a sense of awareness, a sense of presence that is not available when we are doing drugs.”

Lacee Dilmore, MA
Clinical Director

Addiction Treatment Is A Journey

There is no one path to addiction recovery. We are here to guide you along your own path.

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